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MTG LotR Commander decks have hundreds of 1-star Amazon reviews

Fans who bought all four MTG Lord of the Rings Commander decks are complaining en mass, claiming to have received only one of the promised products.

MTG Lotr Commander decks complaints - Wizards of the Coast art of a charging mob

Amazon has received hundreds of one-star reviews for its delivery of the MTG Lord of the Rings Commander decks. The complaints come from Magic: The Gathering fans who purchased all four MTG Commander decks as part of a bundle – and claim they found several missing once the delivery arrived.

Released on June 20, Tales of Middle-earth was one of the most anticipated launches in the MTG 2023 release schedule, bringing the world of The Lord of the Rings to Magic: The Gathering. The bundle in question was originally sold on Amazon for $210 (£165).

Amazon’s US product page has been taken down, but it’s still possible to see the MTG Lord of the Rings Commander decks bundle has (at the time of writing) nearly 200 one-star reviews. The UK page is also missing.

Brazilian Amazon still has the same English-language product listed, along with its 189 single-star reviews – all of which originate from the United States. It’s not clear if American MTG fans are ordering from Amazon Brazil or whether they’re migrating to air their grievances in the absence of a US landing page.

The major issue seems to be that fans are receiving one Commander deck from the MTG set instead of four. “When I purchased this it claimed that there would be all four decks in this purchase”, writes Amazon user David Logan. “When it arrived it was a giant box with only a single deck inside – don’t know if this was a scam or a mistake but keep that in mind when you buy.”

“This is unacceptable”, says user Almak. “I’m missing $150 worth of product.” Other fans similarly lamented the hefty price tag. “It says order has been delivered but only got one of the four decks that I paid over 200 dollars for”, writes user Dani Henderson.

Several buyers say there are no options to replace the missing decks. “Only one of the four items was shipped”, writes user Marc Stuart Kinyon. “There was no option to replace the missing items.”

MTG LotR Commander decks complaints on Reddit

User Sergio similarly writes: “Only one deck, Elven Council, received, no option to replace so only option available is to return incomplete order and reorder at a more expensive price.” Several other Magic fans claim to have requested refunds.

Consumers have also taken to social media to complain about deliveries. Reddit posts show similar photos and stories, with fans claiming to be missing several of the ordered decks.

Wargamer contacted Amazon for comment but at this time has not received a reply.