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MTG head designer will get his cosplay on for Unfinity stream

Magic: The Gathering head designer Mark Rosewater will show off gameplay for MTG Unfinity this weekend - and it seems he's coming in costume

Magic the Gathering - MTG head designer Mark Rosewater dressed up as a squirrel

Magic: The Gathering’s head designer will play the (un)set he designed, MTG Unfinity, on camera next week, and has teased that he plans to come in costume. Mark Rosewater will be in LoadingReadyRun’s pre-prerelease Twitch livestream on October 2, and has said on Twitter he will feature “maybe in a costume, maybe not – check in and see”. That’s basically 100% confirmation, right? If we tune in on Sunday and see plain-clothes Rosewater, we’re going to be extremely disappointed.

The pre-prerelease is an event run by YouTube group LoadingReadyRun two weeks before the release of a Magic set, and one week before its official prerelease. It’s an early chance for players to see a new MTG set drafted and played – by both the regular LRR crew, and special guests ranging from Wizards of the Coast staff to Magic content creators.

MTG head designer Mark Rosewater has appeared on LRR’s pre-prerelease once before, in 2017, to show off another unset, Unstable. In that stream, he appeared in a hilarious squirrel costume (It’s on record that squirrel is Rosewater’s favourite Magic creature type) so we’d expect something no less outrageous this time around.

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The space carnival theme of MTG Unfinity provides plenty of ideas for colourful, over the top dressing up. Place your bets now – we reckon Rosewater will either be Myra the Magnificent or a robot clown token. Ambassador Blorbityblorpboop would also be a rogue, but inspired choice.

LRR’s Unfinity pre-prerelease livestream will take place on October 2 at 10am PT on Twitch. For more information on the upcoming set, check out our Unfinity guide. If you plan to attend an MTG Unfinity event yourself, here’s a list of the strange items you may need to bring to an Unfinity game.