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Blingy Big Score MTG card spikes by 760%

Rarer, shiny versions of the MTG card Ancient Cornucopia have multiplied in price, thanks to multicolor decks across a range of formats.

MTG artwork showing an idyllic garden inside a strange, branching artifact

Showcase foil versions of the new MTG card Ancient Cornucopia have soared in price by 764%, going from $15.10 to $130.50 in just a couple of days.

Despite this enormous increase, it’s still possible, according to MTG Goldfish’s price tracker, to pick up regular versions of the artifact for $2.99. That’s moved a little – from about $1.70 at the beginning of May, but it’s still easy enough – at least for now – to get a cheap-ish version of this Big Score card.

Released in the Big Score collection alongside new MTG set Outlaws of Thunder Junction, Ancient Cornucopia is a three-mana mana rock with a secondary effect that makes that high cost much more appetizing. When you cast a spell with Ancient Cornucopia on the field, you gain one life for each MTG color in its casting cost.

The MTG card Ancient Cornucopia.

That makes Ancient Cornucopia a good tool against aggro for various slower-paced multicolor strategies. For instance, the card is seeing play in Pioneer in the Niv to Light decks. You can gain seven life by chaining Bring to Light into a Niv-Mizzet – not bad at all! Meanwhile, in Standard, some people are slotting the card into Domain decks running Atraxa.

A quick sidenote: Pillage the Bog is another new card in the Niv to Light strategy, which we think might see a spike shortly.

Honestly, it’s nice to see a situation where there’s an affordable regular version of a card and an expensive blingy version. That’s how this is supposed to work, and yet time and time again we’ve seen situations where the ostensibly rarer, ‘special’ version of a card is actually more available or just so much less popular than the regular version that it goes for the same price or less.

If Ancient Cornucopia continues to see play in multiple formats, it seems likely that even the affordable versions of the card will start to spike, so keep your eyes peeled. And if you’re looking for more to read, check out our guide to the most expensive MTG cards of all time, or follow us on Google news.