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Underrated new MTG card sees foils spike 500%

The MTG card Pillage the Bog is spiking in price, with the shinier, most special versions of the card getting very expensive indeed.

MTG art - Cowboy looking into a bog

The shiniest versions of new MTG card Pillage the Bog have risen in price by 533%, buoyed by the card’s role in a bunch of different Standard, Pioneer, and even Modern decks. Though only the extended foil copies of the card are truly standing out price-wise, going from $3.60 at the end of April to $12.90 today, regular foils have – at least proportionally – had an even bigger spike, going from under a dollar to $5.70 in the last week.

Even regular copies of Pillage the Bog have doubled in value, going from $1.50 to $4 – a sign that this card could be about to blow up in price.

Why does everyone want to pillage that bog so bad? Well, it’s because this card can work almost like an MTG tutor, so long as you have enough lands about. While useless early on, later in the game it can fetch you exactly the card that you need, and for only two mana.

The MTG card Pillage the Bog

Better still, you can plot the card early if you get the opportunity, and then cast it late for zero mana, essentially ensuring that you’ll be able to cast whatever you dig up on the same turn.

Lots of different decks across many MTG formats have been using Pillage the Bog to up their consistency. Players are trying it out in all sorts of different decks, from Golgari Midrange in Standard to Indomitable Creativity decks in Modern.

It’s also seeing play in Black/Green Vampires (Pioneer), Jund Landfall Combo (Standard), and even some Greasefang decks (Pioneer). A whole mess of different strategies can use this card, essentially.

Multicolor Niv to Light decks are the most popular spot for the card right now, where it can help dig for one of your key creatures, or better yet, the deck’s signature card Bring to Light. This archetype is seeing a real resurgence in the Pioneer format right now, and multiple new cards for Niv to Light are spiking. There’s Pillage the Bog, yes, but earlier in the week we also spotted Ancient Cornucopia rising in price.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this card to see if the regular versions start skyrocketing. For now though, you can find other price spike stories about expensive MTG cards here. There was an interesting one recently where a card seems to have been bought out just to hate on Obeka decks.