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Battle MTG cards are surging in price by up to 260%

The best Battle cards from MTG March of the Machine saw significant price rises this week, their costs coming up alongside the set's release.

MTG Battle card - artwork showing Phyrexians invading the fairy tale plane of Eldraine

This week has seen the top Battle MTG cards from March of the Machine rising in price, in the week of March of the Machine’s set release. Invasion of Segovia has seen the largest surge percentage-wise, with a price rise of 260% over seven days. However, it’s the card Invasion of Ikoria that has seen the greatest actual monetary increase, rising from $10 to $19 in the past week.

Typically, most cards in a brand new Magic: The Gathering set are overvalued before release, and the price tends to lower once the cards are actually in players’ hands. So it’s notable that the opposite has happened for these new MTG Battle cards. While the above two are the most attention-grabbing, the trend continues: Invasion of New Phyrexia and Invasion of Tarkir have also seen their own, lesser price rises.

This suggests that fans may have underestimated the power of Battles. Certainly, when the card type was first properly unveiled, after a major tease from Wizards of the Coast, some were sceptical. Many fans doubted the value of a card that you had to attack instead of your opponent to unlock its full potential.

And to be clear, this is certainly not proof that attacking Battles is worthwhile. Each of these cards has a powerful ETB effect, and most would be worth playing in some decks even if you never, ever got to flip them.

It’s also too early to be sure which formats Battles will see play in. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see if the card type will crop up in the best MTG Arena decks, or if they’re more suited for Commander than 60-card Constructed formats.

There may not be an MTG Arena code for March of the Machine – but there are still plenty of free packs and other goodies to snap up. Better grab ‘em quickly, in case Wizards decides to pull the plug on its codes feature altogether.