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The 10 best MTG Changelings

Discover the best MTG Changelings and Shapeshifters for all formats - if you can't pick a favourite creature type, why not try them all?

MTG Changelings (creatures with the Changeling ability) are unique because they have every creature type. They’re birds, demons, humans, eldrazi, fish, cowards, warriors, and more. This makes these sneaky shapeshifters a great fit for many different tribal decks, fitting a number of different interesting niches. Here we’ll look at the best ten.

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MTG Changelings - the MTG card Moritte of the Frost

Moritte of the Frost

This Changeling has an incredibly unique ability for a legendary creature: It can come in as a copy of any other permanent, including lands! There’s all sorts of fun ways to use this card. It could be a Tron commander that keeps coming back as a different giant creature. You can use it with Persist to protect Moritte from removal. And, a fun interaction, if you do clone a land or some other mana-maker, the Moritte version makes snow mana. Probably not very impactful, that, but it’s an interesting fact!

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Masked Vandal

Masked Vandal

Masked Vandal’s ability to destroy artifacts and enchantments for an efficient two mana would make it a decent green creature even if it wasn’t an MTG Changeling. That ability makes it a brilliant include in tribal decks that don’t have another way of dealing with this permanent type. Although, if you’re playing green, you’re not exactly short on options.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Changeling Outcast

Changeling Outcast

This unblockable Changeling creature is guaranteed to land a hit, making it ideal for any deck that needs to connect, and doesn’t mind who’s doing the combat damage. There are plenty of different ways to take advantage of unblockable creatures, from loading them up with equipment, to enjoying free Ninjitsu triggers in your Ninjas deck.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card amoeboid changeling

Amoeboid Changeling

This blobby Changeling’s sneaky ability to turn one type of creature into another is deceptively powerful. It’s a key card in all sorts of combos, and finds a place in many decks. Just to give one example. Play Malcolm Keen-Eyed Navigator, turn Havoc Jester into a pirate, and then deal infinite damage.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Mirror Entity

Mirror Entity

Sure, Mirror Entity is a neat white MTG Changeling that can pump up your whole team. But the more interesting ability here is making all your creatures all creature types. This works well in decks that can stack up different tribal boosts for various creature types, then take advantage of them all with Mirror Entity. It works particularly well with something like Party, where you need multiple creature types on the field…

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Unsettled Mariner

Unsettled Mariner

A ‘hate bear’ that can make interaction a nightmare for your opponents, Unsettled Mariner makes anything that targets your permanents cost just that little bit extra. This might seem underwhelming but that mana adds up, making this a speed bump that can slow your foes down long enough for you to take the lead. If you get two on the field, kiss goodbye to kill spells.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Taurean Mauler

Taurean Mauler

Another MTG Changeling that makes a great stopgap if your favourite tribe lacks useful creatures, Taurean Mauler keeps growing until it becomes a must-answer threat. It gains a counter each time an opponent casts a spell, so it gets stronger and stronger the more opponents you have. Bung this one in a Commander deck or two.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Realmwalker


Letting you look at the top card of your library and play any cards of your chosen creature type, Realmwalker fits in any number of green tribal decks, from snakes to oozes. Once the mana starts flowing, you can zoom out of control very quickly with this Changeling card’s help.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Orvar the All-form

Orvar, the All-Form

Orvar, The All Form makes for a powerful MTG commander with its ability to copy all your best permanents – not just creatures but also enchantments and artifacts. There’s plenty of ways to combo off with this guy in the EDH format, though he never found a place in Standard.

MTG Changelings - the MTG card Morophon the Boundless

Morophon, The Boundless

Can’t find a good bat, wombat, or lhurgoyf commander? Morophon is here to make all your tribal woes evaporate. This guy can lead any tribal EDH deck, and do a decent job at it. The most interesting part of the card though is the coloured mana cost reduction. Combine Morophon with a card like Fist of Suns and suddenly all your creatures are free!