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White knight MTG card sees epic 777% price spike

Two white MTG cards are experiencing big price spikes right now, with Knight-Errant of Eos up by a staggering 777% after a roaring tournament success.

MTG Price Spike: Artwork showing a knight on a lion

Two white MTG cards, both from March of the Machine, have seen huge price spikes this week, doubling in value several times over. Knight-Errant of Eos is the main card to watch here. It was valued at $0.90 on Sunday, May 21 according to MTG Goldfish prices, but has since rocketed up to $7.90 – a major increase of 777%.

Meanwhile, Invasion of Gobakhan, already valued at $4.30 at the start of the week, is now quite a pricey Magic card by new set standards. It’s risen a very respectable 360%, to $19.80.

Knight-Errant of Eos is a human knight card that comes out quickly thanks to its convoke ability, and immediately refills your hand with creatures. It’s a powerhouse in the aggressive Boros Convoke decks that are currently making a splash in the Pioneer format.

MTG Price Spike: The Magic The Gathering card Knight-Errant of Eos

These decks can churn out a ton of power really quickly through convoking a threat like Venerated Loxodon with cheap cards like Ornithopter. The Knight-Errant of Eos is invaluable in this build, ensuring you never run out of gas and can keep up the pressure till you close out the game. Tried and tested, Boros Convoke decks running the Knight-Errant claimed both first and second prize in Magic Online’s Pioneer challenge on Sunday – which looks to be the trigger point for the price spike.

It’s less obvious what has made the battle MTG card Invasion of Gobakhan shoot up in price. It seems that, rather than one single strategy, there are a number of different decks that are taking notice of, and trying out the card.

And why wouldn’t they, eh? Invasion of Gobakhan is really strong, providing the irritating hand disruption effect of Elite Spellbinder (okay, but without a body) for just two mana. If you’re able to sneak through with a paltry three damage to flip it, you’re off to value town, throwing +1/+1 counts about like crazy, and with the ability to protect your entire board from wipes and targeted removal.

In Pioneer and Modern,  some versions of the ever-popular Azorius Spirits deck can make use of the card, as can the equally popular Mono-White Humans archetype. It may even have a place in the Standard format, in the aggressive Blue-White soldiers deck that provides a panacea to all the midrange nonsense the format’s been mired in for months.

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