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All four MTG Thunder Junction Commanders revealed

From Vampires leading a pack of outlaws to a gunslinger firing off tons of spells each turn, the MTG Thunder Junction Commanders certainly intrigue.

MTG Thunder Junction art showingYoma, Proud Protector carrying a Cactus person child

All four Commanders from MTG Thunder Junction have been revealed, and it looks like we have two returning characters and two brand new ones leading these decks.

The latest in an accelerating stream of MTG Thunder Junction reveals, these frontier-stalking MTG Commander precon decks have a variety of different themes, from MTG creature types to land manipulation.

The MTG Thunder Junction Commander card Olivia, Opulent Outlaw

First up, there’s Olivia, Opulent Outlaw, who makes treasure tokens when outlaws deal combat damage, and can turn that treasure into buffs for her whole gang of misfits. Her Commander deck, Most Wanted, is all about Outlaws, a new creature type batch that includes Mercenaries, Rogues, Assassins, Pirates, and Warlocks.

Gonti, Canny Acquisitor is a Sultai Commander whose name tells me Wizards is running out of synonyms for ‘sneaky thief’ and whose abilities tell me he’s going to piss off a lot of people. He can steal spells when you connect with an opponent, and he also provides a discount for those stolen spells. At least he doesn’t get to cast them for free!

The MTG Thunder Junction Commander card Gonti, Canny Aquisitor

There’s not much point wondering about what spells are in his deck, Grand Larceny, since he’s mostly going to be playing with other people’s cards!

Now for the new characters, we first have Stella Lee, Wild Card. Representing the Izzet MTG color combination, Stella wants you to play multiple spells a turn. After your second spell, you get a chance to play whatever’s on the top of your library and after your third, Stella can copy an instant or sorcery for you. Storm-enjoyers are gonna love this one.

The MTG Thunder Junction Commander card Stella Lee

To help you pull off her requirement, Stella’s deck, Quick Draw, comes with some ‘Plot’ cards, which you can play for free on a later turn if you pay a little fee earlier.

And finally, we have the Naya MTG Lands deck, Desert Bloom, led by Yuma Proud Protector. This is an expensive, eight mana MTG commander, so sure enough there’s a cost reduction involved.

The MTG Thunder Junction Commander card Yuma, Proud Protector

Yuma wants land cards in your graveyard, and lets you sacrifice them for card draw. He also makes big 4/2 Cactus tokens (with reach) whenever a desert land goes to the grave (from anywhere).

It’s that last deck that piques our interest the most, but Wizards has gotten so, so good at making precons lately, so we wouldn’t be surprised if all four are powerful and fun contenders.

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