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MTG meets Yugioh in this custom card mashup

Here’s how Yugioh’s best monsters would play in MTG - a fan of both games has turned Yugioh all-stars into Magic: The Gathering cards.

MTG Yugioh - Jace with Yugi's hair.

Bear witness to this melding of the TCGs! A card game fan has converted the most iconic monsters from Yugioh into custom Magic: The Gathering cards. If you want to see what monsters like Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician Girl might look like in Wizard of the Coast’s plane-hopping TCG, check out the images below.

The fan, Urijah Mayle, was into Yugioh many years ago, and says he has a soft spot for the old cards, but now only plays Magic. “I wanted to combine both the game I grew up with and the game I play today,” he explains.

Mayle says he’s been making custom cards for around a year, and he’s created several dozen adaptations of Yugioh creatures. “I enjoy making them because it really makes you think about how you can incorporate Yugioh effects into Magic – trying to make them balanced while adding some twists or your own versions of effects.”

His favourite designs are Obelisk the Tormenter, which has “a pretty cool flavour with destroying all the opponents’ creatures by sacrificing your own”. Dark Magician Girl, has one of the more unique effects, however, “allowing you to search the library and making her stronger doing so.”

While it seems highly unlikely that Magic: The Gathering and Yugioh will ever get an official crossover – now that would be an MTG Universes Beyond set to take notice of – that doesn’t stop fans of both games being interested in one another. In recent years a popular format of video has cropped up, for instance, where fans from one game react to and try to analyse cards from the other. You can find more of Mayle’s designs here.

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