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MTG fans solve Karlov Manor ARG (and unlock Arena freebies)

The ARG mystery from Murders at Karlov Manor has been solved, and our reward is some Arena XP and sleeves from a different MTG set.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor ARG reward

Magic: The Gathering fans have finally solved the ARG mystery that accompanied Murders at Karlov Manor. Reddit posts from February 14 reveal the cracked code for all to see, as well as how to claim the reward. The prize is a little surprising, though – 5,000 XP for MTG Arena and sleeves that re-use art from Streets of New Capenna.

Wizards of the Coast’s Augmented Reality Game (ARG) has been spinning the minds of sleuths since December. Launched to build hype for the latest MTG set release, the game hid mysterious clues in marketing materials, social media posts, and even actual Murders at Karlov Manor products.

For a long time, nobody was sure where this tricky trail would lead. It turns out, our destination was an MTG Arena deck. Import this to your deck library and name it ‘thewayisopen’ to immediately send a new notification to your inbox. The message congratulates your Sherlocking skills, and lets you claim the XP and the sleeves.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor ARG solved inbox message

Here’s the deck list you’ll need to import:

1 Extract a Confession (MKM) 84
1 Homicide Investigator (MKM) 86
1 Leering Onlooker (MKM) 91
1 Glint Weaver (MKM) 162
1 Granite Witness (MKM) 206
1 Meddling Youths (MKM) 219
1 Furtive Courier (MKM) 59
1 Case of the Stashed Skeleton (MKM) 80
1 Out Cold (MKM) 66
1 The Pride of Hull Clade (MKM) 172
1 Reckless Detective (MKM) 141
1 Novice Inspector (MKM) 29

You’ll need to copy this list (Ctrl + C) and hit ‘Import’ on Arena’s deck page to set things in motion. If our website has added some unexpected text formatting that screws with the system, a team of kind Redditors have laid out the list in this forum, ready to copy and paste.

MTG Karlov Manor ARG solved - Reddit post about New Capenna artwork

It’s not flashy or exciting, but 5,000 free XP is still nothing to be sniffed at. After all, it’s enough to earn you a few free packs for your digital trading card game. We’re still not sure why some art from a different plane (and a different set) has made it onto these sleeves. Oh well – who doesn’t like free things?

Speaking of freebies, here’s the latest on MTG Arena codes. And for more Magic updates, be sure to follow us on Google News.