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MTG fan’s Valentine’s Day ruined by Phyrexian pronouns

A Magic: The Gathering fan wanted to share a romantic Valentine with the words ‘you compleat me’, but the Phyrexian language left them with a broken heart

MTG Phyrexia All Will Be One valentine - Wizards of the Coast art of Elesh Norn's mouth

A Magic: The Gathering fan wanted to show a Phyrexian type of affection on Valentine’s Day this year, but their plans were quickly thwarted by one pesky thing: pronouns. Reddit user u/P0ck3t posted on the social media site on February 5, asking r/magicTCG to help them translate the phrase “you compleat me” into Phyrexian. They quickly learned that Phyrexian pronouns aren’t a thing – so the words ‘you’ and ‘me’ don’t exist.

As the official MTG Phyrexian language guide dictates, there are no pronouns used at all. This MTG blog post clears things up a bit more: “When referring to a group in the plural, where in English we’d use the pronoun ‘we,’ Phyrexians instead use a generic noun that describes the group they are referring to.” “The same is done if a singular pronoun is needed in a sentence for clarity.”

The MTG Phyrexians love to transform biological matter to match their own likeness, so it’s unsurprising they don’t understand the concept of individual names and pronouns. Like the fast-approaching Phyrexia set says, All Will Be One.

MTG Phyrexian valentine - Wizards of the Coast art of Elesh Norn

It seems u/P0ck3t originally wanted to use the phrase to create deck boxes and tokens, presumably with a 3D printer. The Reddit thread had a few alternative phrases to suggest, with “we compleat we” perhaps being the best way to profess your love to a Phyrexian.

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