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Rapper Post Malone will pay you $100k to beat him at MTG

Rapper and Black Lotus card owner Post Malone challenges one random Magic: The Gathering player to beat him at the TCG, offering a $100k prize

MTG Post Malone 100k giveaway - a bearded forgemaster in an apron works over his forge

Rapper Post Malone is both famously rich and famously into Magic: The Gathering, and he’s decided he wants to share a little of both with his beloved TCG community. Posting on his Facebook page on July 28, Post Malone announced he’ll play a game of Magic against one randomly-selected opponent – and he’ll give them $100k if they win.

A website set up by sponsor and collectible shopping platform Whatnot provides the instructions for signing up for the giveaway. “If you are a new user and do not already have the Whatnot app installed, you will need to download and install the app and create a Whatnot account”, it says. “Then, follow Post Malone’s profile on the Whatnot app. Finally, tune into Post Malone’s livestream on August 4.”

“Post Malone will randomly select an opponent live on Whatnot on Aug 4 at 6pm PT / 2am BST”, it adds. “You must be watching his livestream to enter and tap the ‘enter giveaway’ button when the giveaway is active on-screen.” The winner will be brought to Los Angeles on August 11 for the game, and Whatnot says it’ll provide the contestant’s travel.

Interestingly, you don’t need any experience with MTG to go up against Post Malone – the individual chosen will receive TCG training from 2011 MTG Online Championship winner Reid Duke. If a complete newbie is eligible for the big contest, it’s possible the winner won’t even need to provide their own deck – which means they’ll need to come prepared for anything.

There’s one thing we’re fairly certain of – Post Malone probably won’t be sleeving up that artist proof, Chris Rush-signed Black Lotus we know he owns. Nobody wants to risk bending an $800k card, and besides that, it’s banned from nearly every official tournament format there is. He might shuffle it in to gain the advantage, but we reckon this game will go by the books.

A forgemaster bathed in light works at his forge, and the faces of Nordic warriors and crows are seen behind him

It’s not clear what format the big game will be. We know from his appearances on MTG YouTube channels like the Command Zone and I Hate Your Deck that Post Malone enjoys a Commander game – but it’s perhaps too early to speculate.

Find out more about signing up on the Whatnot web page.

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