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MTG fan proposes to girlfriend with $5000+ Mox card

Do you hear Temple Bells ringing? This MTG megafan proposed to his girlfriend with one of the most expensive MTG cards in history (alongside a ring)

Magic The Gathering artwork of the MTG card wedding announcement, showing two vampires reading an invitation

A Magic: The Gathering fan proposed to his girlfriend of four years using a $5000 Mox Emerald MTG card and a ring that resembled it. Clay and Laurie from Oregon, USA, bonded over their geeky shared interests like anime and video games, and Laurie says “early on in our relationship he got me back into Magic – around Core Set 2019’s release”.

Magic: The Gathering themed presents are more common in this relationship than most, for Laurie explains Clay once snuck two Revised dual lands into her MTG binders as a birthday gift. On another occasion he “listened to my throwaway comment about how I don’t like chocolate that much, bought a giant chocolate heart box and took it to a card shop to fill it with a dozen or so sealed packs – then got the chocolate box resealed, just to tease me.”

The pair got engaged during a cruise on Valentine’s Day week, which is also the week of Laurie’s birthday. “So here comes the trip and my soon-to-be fiance had been anxious about a package in the mail the last few days,” she says. “I brushed it off as a B-day gift he wanted to give me on the cruise.”

Magic the Gathering - a wedding ring next to a mox emerald MTG card

But when the ship reached its first port of call in Honduras, Clay “pulled out the box and proposed to me with the ring. I, of course, was a blubbering mess, and said yes.”

“He then said the real Emerald was back home and showed me the receipt for the graded Mox Emerald and a picture of it. He didn’t have it on him, as it had arrived the day we left for the airport for the cruise.”

Apparently, Clay originally tried to buy the card on TCGPlayer, but there were problems processing the order. From the image provided, and an image we found on a recent eBay listing with the exact same grading scores and ID number, we can surmise he likely paid $5,699.99 for this little gem.

The real ring used for the proposal is a platinum band with a green sapphire, with a stone that looks quite close to the one seen on Mox Emerald. Laurie says Green is her favourite MTG color, so we imagine this insanely strong MTG mana ramp card may well find its way into a deck. She jokes that she’ll soon be buying a lot of the card Wedding Announcement.

Wondering why Mox Emerald is one of the most expensive MTG cards? It’s because it’s part of the MTG Power 9, a set of the nine most powerful MTG cards ever printed, all of which are on the MTG Reserved List, never to be printed again.