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The best MTG mana ramp cards

The best MTG mana ramp cards will help you run away with the game - from lands to mana rocks, here are the top MTG cards for getting ahead on mana

MTG mana ramp cards- artwork of a redheaded woman inside a spiral of nature magic, from the card growth spiral

Playing one land a turn is so passé. Much better to use one of the best MTG mana ramp cards to shoot out expensive spells while your opponents are still warming up. The best mana ramp cards are found in green, but there are good options available in any colour. Check out the top mana ramp spells below.

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MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Sol Ring

Sol Ring

Sorry to be such a normie, but we’re putting Sol Ring in first. Good old Sol Ring – the most played MTG mana ramp card in Commander, because it’s the most played card in Commander, full stop. There’s no other card that gives you two mana for one with no downside, and this ultra-consistent ramp card can go in any EDH deck, making it an auto-include for most people who aren’t making a conscious effort to be hipster.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Mirari's Wake

Mirari’s Wake

There’s a point in most Commander games where a ramp deck goes from having plenty of mana, to having near infinite mana. Turn five isn’t always the right time to start ramping, but doubling your mana is always powerful and enables plenty of fun plays. Mirari’s Wake is also great because it isn’t just a mana ramp card, it also gives all your creatures a minor buff, making it great for Selesnya token decks.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Urza's Tower

Urza’s Mine / Urza’s Power Plant / Urza’s Tower

The three Urza MTG land cards work together to form an interesting type of mana ramp. They’re fairly useless on their own, but assemble all three and you get a whopping seven mana from just three lands. This some-assembly-required quality gives the cards their collective nickname, the Tron lands (think Voltron). They’re the key cards in the infamous Tron Modern archetype, which relies on their absurd mana ramp potential to bring out scary threats way ahead of schedule.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Cultivate


You might be shocked to hear this, but Cultivate is the fourth most popular Commander card, according to EDHREC. It’s a staple in any deck that has access to green because it’s damn consistent. While it only accelerates your mana by one, it fixes your colours, and gets an extra land to your hand, ensuring you hit all your land drops for turn.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Smothering Tithe

Smothering Tithe

While it’s gained new tools recently, white isn’t a colour known for its mana ramp cards. That makes Smothering Tithe very popular, as it’s one of the few good options available to mono white decks. In Commander it’s absurdly strong, churning out treasure tokens whenever your opponents draw cards. Its best feature, of course, is you get to raise one eyebrow and smugly ask the question: Do you want to pay the two?

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Arcane Signet

Arcane Signet

A relatively new MTG mana ramp card, Arcane Signet was first printed for Thrones of Eldraine in 2019. Designed specifically for brawl or EDH it gets you one mana of any colour in your commander’s colour identity. Like Sol Ring did years before it, it fast became a firm auto-include in Commander decks, providing straightforward, no nonsense efficiency.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Solemn Simulacrum

Solemn Simulacrum

Solemn Simulacrum is an MTG mana ramp card with plenty of utility. Not only does it ramp you when you play it, it even replaces itself when it dies. Most Solemn Simulacrum’s live an ignoble and short life, swiftly thrown in front of the nearest threat to chump block. But if you have flicker effects to hand, you can get endless value from this card’s useful ETB. The colourless mana cost and artifact typing is just the cherry on top.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card The Great Henge

The Great Henge

A bit of a rogue entry on our list, since The Great Henge is a better green card draw spell than it is a powerful MTG mana ramp card. However, I’d argue that just makes it the total package. It absolutely dominated during its time in Standard, and now slots into any green EDH deck. You get to draw tons of cards, buff your creatures, gain life, and ramp two mana. In some circumstances, you’ll pay two mana for endless value.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Cabal Coffers

Cabal Coffers / Tolarian Academy / Gaea’s Cradle

We’re sticking all these lands together for ease. While Gaea’s Cradle is older, rarer and more expensive, it’s roughly equivalent in its value as an MTG mana ramp card. All of these cards can provide absurd value in the right decks – getting more than one mana from a single land is always fantastic, and the ceiling on these is so, so high.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Mana Crypt

Mana Crypt

On every MTG banlist except for Commander (it’s also only Restricted in Vintage) Mana Crypt is an absurdly strong MTG mana ramp card. In most Commander decks it’s basically a second Sol Ring that sometimes shoots you in the face, but what’s three life when you start with 40? It’s also free, which doesn’t hurt.

MTG mana ramp cards - the MTG card Noble Hierarch

Noble/Ignoble Hierarch

The best mana dorks in Modern, Noble Hierarch and her ignoble cousin are tiny creatures that provide plenty of value for their one mana cost. They not only ramp you in up to three colours, they also have the exalted keyword, making your creatures an itty bit more effective when they attack alone.