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MTG staff gets special robot card that spams space squirrels

A new Heroes of the Realm Magic: The Gathering card has been spotted, and this staff-only card includes a robot who creates adorable space squirrels

MTG space squirrels staff card art from Wizards of the Coast

The internet has discovered the latest Heroes of the Realm MTG card, and this one features a scavenger robot that loves to create space squirrels. Redditor u/flyeyes420 shared an image of ‘Arteeoh, Dread Scavenger’ to the social media site on January 6.

Heroes of the Realm cards are typically awarded to Wizards of the Coast employees to recognise their hard work. According to u/flyeyes420, “this card was for teams that worked on the return to office effort”. “With shortages around the world, all teams did all they could to get things done including taking artifacts as needed. Just a fun card as a thank you for hard work.” It seems that ‘Arteeoh’ is a phonetic spelling of RTO (Return to Work).

Arteeoh, Dread Scavenger is a 3/3 artifact creature that costs four mana to play (one black, one green, one blue, and one colourless). It has flying and MTG deathtouch, and it lets you exchange control of two other artifacts any time Arteeoh deals damage to a player. When you do this, you create a copy of a target artifact you don’t control, turning it into a 1/1 green squirrel token as well as its other features.

MTG space squirrels staff card from Wizards of the Coast

Other Heroes of the Realm Magic cards have been popping up online lately. One employee shared an MTG unicorn planeswalker in December 2022, and another MTG Universes Beyond planeswalker was spotted around a week later.

For cards that are slightly more easy to get hold of, you’ll want to keep an eye on the MTG 2023 release schedule. You can also find them in MTG Arena decks (and the MTG Arena codes will make it easier to nab some freebies on the digital platform).