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Free Pathfinder event lets you try out Paizo’s starter set

Many DnD players are trying Pathfinder 2e for the first time in 2023 - and one RPG community is offering free games of the starter set to make it even easier.

Pathfinder Beginner Box Days - Paizo art of a Fighter charging into battle

Fans of Pathfinder are organising a free, week-long, online event to introduce new players to the tabletop RPG. “Because of the recent spike in interest for Pathfinder Second Edition (2e), we’re hosting an event where new and interested gamers can play Paizo’s Beginner Box adventure for free with experienced Pathfinder Game Masters”, says the ‘Pathfinder Beginner Box Days’ website. The event will take place from April 22 to April 30, and sign-ups have already begun.

It seems this is a community-led event rather than one run by Pathfinder publisher Paizo. In particular, the Reddit community r/Pathfinder2e appears to be hosting the games. However, Paizo has shown support, advertising the event via Twitter on April 3. It’s even possible to get a free digital copy of Pathfinder’s Beginner Box through the event – presumably with the publisher’s blessing.

The Beginner Box is Pathfinder’s answer to D&D’s Starter Set. It contains everything you need to play for the first time, including a playable adventure, Menace Under Otari. Beginner Box Days games will be run by a variety of Game Masters, but each of them will run this starter adventure.

Pathfinder Beginner Box days tweet from Paizo

While it seems the event was inspired by the post-OGL sales rise for Pathfinder, Beginner Box Days ran in 2022, too. To sign up, potential players will need to join the r/Pathfinder2e Discord, and then choose a game slot through the Beginner Box Days website. Those looking to run a game will follow a similar procedure, but the website encourages them to organise their own virtual play space as well.

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