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Roll20 to remove Paizo Connect discount for Pathfinder players

Virtual tabletop Roll20 is cancelling its Paizo product discounts, but says it’s improving Pathfinder product price points overall.

Pathfinder art of a spellcaster and the Roll20 logo next to her

Roll20 has announced the end of its Paizo Connect program, which gave Pathfinder and Starfinder players discounts for syncing their Paizo account with the virtual tabletop. The change was announced on March 18, and it’ll come into play from March 25. Roll20 says the decision was made “to improve our price points on Paizo products for all”.

The scheme has been available to Roll20 players since Pathfinder 2e first came to the virtual tabletop in 2020. If a player bought a digital Pathfinder book on Paizo’s website, they would receive a discount on the Roll20 equivalent. Similarly, any Roll20 version of a Paizo product would unlock the PDF for free on the Paizo website.

According to a Roll20 blog post from Monday, any content already unlocked through Paizo Connect will be unaffected. “This update impacts future transactions only”, says Director of Operations Dean Bigbee. If you have any Paizo purchases you were planning to sync on Roll20, you’ll need to do so before the cut-off date on March 25.

Plenty of Paizo fans have shared concerns about the change, particularly as the Remastered Monster Core is due to drop on March 27 – two days after Paizo Connect disappears. Bigbee is on the case to answer queries, though.

“Thanks for raising your concerns”, they write in one Reddit thread. “I’d like to reinforce that the primary result of this change is price reductions on Paizo content on Roll20 for all players.”

Pathfinder Roll20 Reddit post made by Dean Bigbee

“While the Paizo Connect feature was great, it was utilized by a very small amount of players, and it inflated costs for everyone by adding a PDF markup to every VTT product”, Bigbee explains. “Our goal is to ensure you have the flexibility to purchase either just the VTT content or the PDF, instead of paying a premium if you only wanted one.”

In a comment on the original blog post, Bigbee explains that “prices are actually going down for the vast majority of Pathfinder players on Roll20”. “I understand for folks who utilized Paizo Connect that some prices could be slightly higher without the discount, depending on the updated pricing on each individual product.” “Overall though, we’ll be offering even more Paizo offerings at more accessible price points, with even more Paizo products coming down the pipeline.”

Bigbee also says the Monster Core will be unaffected by Paizo Connect. “Each Pathfinder Core VTT product has stated: ‘Note: Purchase does not include a PDF via Paizo API’.”

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