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Rare mint condition Umbreon Pokémon card sells for $1400

A Delta Umbreon card from the 2005 EX Delta Species set has sold for $1400 on eBay, fetching a high price due to its PSA10 condition.

Pokemon TCG mint condition Umbreon card

A mint condition Umbreon card from 2005 just sold for $1,413 on eBay. The first edition holo rare Delta Species Umbreon card was able to fetch a high price, in large part because this Japanese card was in mint condition, graded at PSA 10.

The cards hails from the Ex Delta Species set, a Pokémon TCG expansion released in 2005. This was part of the Delta series, which included funky Delta species cards with unusual typings. This Umbreon is from an early part of that concept, when Delta species were dual-type, and so it’s both a Darkness and Metal type card. Later Delta species cards had just one, unusual Pokémon card type.

Pokemon TCG Delta Umbreon card

Although Ex Delta Species gave all the Eeveelutions some time in the sun with nifty Ex versions that slotted into powerful decks of the day, this regular Umbreon doesn’t seem to have held the same prestige. So it’s likely a mixture of artwork, popularity of Umbreon as a Pokémon, and the quality of the holo PSA 10 card that let it sell for so much cash.

In relative terms, $1400 is fairly small fry compared to the most expensive Pokémon cards of all time. Still, not a bad pay day for the seller!