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New Fidough Pokémon card is absolutely a-dough-rable

If you thought Fidough was cute in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet videogames, wait until you see its bread-based face on a Pokémon card

The Pokémon TCG showed off some fresh card art via Twitter on March 6. The Scarlet & Violet Pokémon card depicts bread-based pup Fidough discovering a bakery window display. It’s safe to say, the cuteness levels are on the rise. We’re not crying, there are just crumbs in our eyes.

Fidough is a fairy-type Pokémon who first appeared in the Scarlet & Violet videogames, so it’s no surprise it feature in the trading card set series of the same name. The first set, Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet, is set to release in English on March 31. Plenty of other delightful Pokémon designs from the Paldea region will also be present – including a special LeChonk promo Pokémon card.

Pokemon TCG Fidough card art

While Tika Matsuno’s wholesome bakery scene is easy to get lost in, we’d like to remind you there’s text on the card too. Fidough is a basic psychic-type Pokémon in the trading card game. The card’s abilities include Springy, which means Fidough takes 30 less damage from attacks on your opponent’s next turn, as well as Flop, which deals 30 direct damage.

Alright, Fidough isn’t one of the best Pokémon cards of all time. It’s not got the power of VMAX and VSTAR cards, and it’s not likely to become an expensive Pokémon card anytime soon. But in our eyes, this sweet little cinnamon bun is still the toast of the town.