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First Kadabra Pokémon card printed since Uri Geller ban

151 is a Pokémon TCG expansion celebrating the original Kanto Pokémon, and includes the first Kadabra Pokémon card since Uri Geller lifted his 'ban'.

pokemon card art featuring kadabra bending a spoon.

Genwunners rejoice! The next Pokémon TCG set is all about the original 151 Pokémon. Releasing September 22 in English, and just launched in Japan on June 16, Pokémon 151 (or Scarlet & Violet 151, its English name) is only interested in the Kanto ‘mons. Featuring ex Pokémon for fan favourites like Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Mew, the Pokémon TCG expansion also contains the first Kadabra Pokémon card in 20 years, since 2003.

Kadabra has been a curiously absent Pokémon from the trading card game for two decades, due to a legal dispute with famous spoon-bending Israeli illusionist Uri Geller, on which the Pokémon is based. Geller took a dislike to Nintendo’s reference, and tried to sue the company for using his likeness and name (in Japanese, it’s Yungerer, and pronounced like Geller).

Then suddenly in 2020, apparently swayed by pleas from fans, Uri Geller announced he was lifting his ‘ban’ on Kadabra Pokémon cards, and in subsequent interviews, actually seemed pretty pleased to be a Pokémon.

Pokemon card kadabra

Sure enough, Kadabra is back now, bending the heck out of a spoon in its Scarlet & Violet 151 appearance.

The upcoming 165 card set is the first special expansion for the Scarlet & Violet series. It’s got one of every single Kanto Pokémon. Other anticipated cards include Alakazam ex, Jynx ex, and Golem ex. It’s not the next Pokémon TCG expansion coming out – that’d be Obsidian Flame, due in August, which features type-shifted Tera Pokémon.

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