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Pokémon TCG Lost Origin’s Kyurem can one-hit KO any Pokémon

New Pokémon TCG Lost Origin spoilers are here, including a VMAX with an infinite attack, and an Arcanine who's strongest when you're handless

Pokemon trading card game Sword and Shield Lost Origins spoilers - card preview image showing Kyurem VMAX and Hisuian Arcanine

Five more Pokémon TCG Lost Origin spoiler cards dropped on Wednesday, leading with a rather spectacular Kyurem VMAX who – despite not making use of the set’s new ‘Lost Zone’ mechanic – boasts an infinitely scaling attack that can reportedly one-hit-KO any Pokémon on the tabletop.

Kyurem VMAX‘s Max Frost attack has 120 base damage, but adds another 50 for each Energy you discard from it when attacking – which can be “any amount”. So, stack up enough energies on this sucker before letting rip, and you’ll be able to freeze just about anything.

Their ‘Glaciated World’ ability makes this easier to stack up – once per turn you’ll get to discard the top card of your deck, and, if it’s a Water Energy, attach it straight to Kyurem (or another Pokémon) for free.

The other stand-out is the full-art Hisuian Arcanine, whose curious ‘Very Vulnerable’ attack does 10 damage… or 160 damage if you have no cards in your hand. Quite a trade-off.

We also get reworked cards for Machamp and Barbaracle, featuring abilities Crisis Muscles (which adds 150 to Machamp’s HP to a mighty maximum of 300 when your opponent has three or fewer prize cards left to claim) and Barbaracle’s Lost Block (which denies your opponent their prize cards altogether, sending them straight to the Lost Zone when they would be claimed).

Finally, the Stadium Trainer card Lost City causes KOd Pokémon to be sent to the Lost Zone instead of your Discard pile – underlining this set’s focus on messing with players’ expectations about where cards go and how to manipulate them.

Pokemon trading card game Sword and Shield Lost Origins spoilers - card preview image showing the trainer card Lost City

Lost Origin’s release date is September 9. If you’re seriously looking to become the very best (like no-one ever was), check out our picks for the strongest Pokémon cards of all time. Or you might like to try and track down only the most rare Pokémon cards – watch out for fake Pokémon cards, mind you.