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Mewtwo VSTAR and Rotom VSTAR Pokémon cards in Crown Zenith

The first Crown Zenith Pokémon cards have been revealed, and they include powerhouses such as Mewtwo VSTAR, and the first English version of Rotom VSTAR

Pokemon TCG artwork of mewtwo leaning in to attack

The next Pokémon TCG set Crown Zenith releases on January 20, bringing 160+ new Pokémon cards to the game. With the set’s release date less than a month away, The Pokémon Company has revealed a handful of upcoming Crown Zenith cards. Most notable are two of the VSTAR Pokémon cards featured in the set: Mewtwo VSTAR and Rotom VSTAR.

Mewtwo VSTAR is a reprint of the card from the Pokémon Go TCG expansion released earlier this year. It’s a damage-dealer that can hit a single target for up to 270 damage with its Psy Purge attack, and its VSTAR power Star Raid is a great counter to your opponent’s Pokémon V, dealing 120 damage to each of them.

Rotom VSTAR, meanwhile, has only been released in Japan so far, in the country’s VSTAR special set. It needs to go in a deck featuring plenty of Pokémon Tool cards, as you can move these from the discard pile to the Lost Zone to supercharge its only attack, Scrap Pulse. Rotom VSTAR’s Conversion Star ability can help power up that attack, allowing you to discard any number of cards and draw the equivalent.

The other cards shown off include a Thievul that protects your benched Pokémon, a shiny Radiant Charjabug that can dish out little shocks of damage, and the supporter card Gardenia’s Vigor, which can draw cards and attack Grass energy to one of your benched Pokémon.

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