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First type-shifted Pokémon card from Obsidian Flames revealed

The first English Pokémon card spoilers for upcoming set Obsidian Flames have been revealed, including an unusual Fire-type Eiscue.

Pokemon art for Obsidian Flames featuring darkness-type tera Charizard

The first Pokémon cards from Pokémon TCG set Obsidian Flame were revealed on Tuesday, including an example of the set’s main gimmick: Tera ex cards with unusual typings. Fans are eager to see whether any of these new ‘mons have what it takes to make the best Pokémon decks.

The type-shifted terastallized card is Eiscue ex Tera, revealed in a video on the YouTube channel Ptcgradio. This fire-type Eiscue is weak to water, but interestingly still uses water energy for its single attack, Scalding Block. That attack doesn’t do insane damage for its energy cost, but it shuts down the opposing Pokémon, preventing it from attacking next turn.

A bunch of Obsidian Flame Pokémon cards that originally come from Japan’s upcoming ex Start decks have also been revealed. Shown on Gamingbible, Decidueye ex can switch from the bench to the active spot at will with its Total Freedom ability, and can chip away at benched Pokémon with its attack.

Pokemon card Eiscue ex tera

Clefable ex, revealed on Nordic IGN, seems like a Pokémon which offers powerful utility. The Lunar Zone ability means creatures of the Psychic Pokémon card type can retreat for free, and its attack, Wondrous Moon, lets you move Psychic energy around however you like. Its pre evolution, Cleffa, is also worth a shout out as a neat source of card draw

Meanwhile Gamereactor.no revealed Victini ex which can do a little attack and switch out, or pull off a powerful attack that also makes it skip a go.

The Pokémon TCG set Obsidian Flames is due to release on August 11, with more than 190 new cards, including 15 new ex Pokémon. As well as fire-y Eiscue, pack artwork tells us to expect a darkness type tera Charizard and a lightning Tyranitar.

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