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Thief smashes through wall to steal $10,000 in Pokémon cards

A thief broke down a wall in order to gain access to a California Pokémon TCG game store and make off with Pokémon cards worth $10,000.

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A thief broke down a wall in order to make off with a haul of Pokémon cards worth $10,000. The break in occurred on May 25 at Pozjoker Games, a Hemet, California card store specialising in the Yugioh and Pokémon TCG. The culprit apparently broke into an empty store next door, then smashed a hole in the adjoining wall into Pozjoker, so they could make off with their most expensive rare Pokémon cards.

The store shared stills of its CCTV footage of the break in, showing a bearded man sneaking around with a torch. Pozjoker also shared details of the “$10k+ in graded cards and singles” that were taken from display cases, in the hopes that it will be possible to trace the stolen Pokémon cards and track down the thief.

According to Pozjoker’s social media post, the store had a metal grid around the wall, because someone had tried to get in through the same route “around five years ago”. But the thief or thieves were prepared, and able to make their way into the store using a bolt cutter and mallet.

Just one month earlier, Pozjoker was in the (Pokémon) news, after a community member allegedly nicked a $600 Shadowless Charizard card.

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