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Elden Ring board game maker teases a tabletop Sea of Thieves

The team behind the Elden Ring and Dark Souls board games has teased a new tabletop title - it seems to be working on a Sea of Thieves board game

Sea of Thieves board game - Sea of thieves screenshot with pirate ships

Steamforged Games appears to be working on a Sea of Thieves board game, and coyly teased the upcoming release via its Twitter account on Tuesday. The publisher, known for its work on tabletop adaptations of franchises like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, tweeted that “a new adventure awaits” alongside a pirate flag emoji, then asked “but what Sea will this journey take us on?”

A good strong hint, to be sure, but what really tips the scales is the image attached to the post: of Steamforged Games logo overlaid across a Sea of Thieves map. That’s rather unambiguous, we would say.

Right now, since it’s not even been confirmed, we don’t know what form this Sea of Thieves game will take. It’s worth noting though, that there’s already been a Sea of Thieves roleplaying game, by Mongoose Publishing – so unless we’re looking at some kind of out of left field miniature wargame, a Sea of Thieves board game seems most likely. And why not? Who doesn’t love a good pirate board game?

Sea of Thieves board game - publisher Steamforged Games' logo across a Sea of thieves map

A 2018 sandbox adventure game developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves is known for its multiplayer hijinks, finding soaring success after blowing up on Twitch. We’d expect a tabletop adaptation to be a coop board game filled with chaos.

One of Steamforged Games’ largest projects right now is the Elden Ring board game. A whopper of a game, at $249 and with some gigantic minis, we recently spoke to the designer about how it aims to cut out the Dark Souls grind.