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Sex card games: A guide to sexy card games

Whether you’re using your words or your hands, sex card games offer a wide range of ways to get intimate – here are some top tabletop picks

Sex card games - Sexy Time Game spin wheel and cards

Sexy card games add fun, competition, and creativity to your intimacy. Looking to try something out of your comfort zone? Looking to know a partner, body and brain, like you never have before? All sex card games need are a few bits of paper and your very open minds.

Just as the best card games add colour to your evenings in, sex card games add some spice to your love life. They’re easy to pick up and quickly break the ice – exactly what you need when ‘winning’ means getting out of your clothes as fast as possible. If you’ve not got the time to learn the rules of sex board games (or you’re tired of the best sex dice), cast your eyes over this steamy selection of games. If it wasn’t obvious by now, this is a board games guide for mature audiences only – expect adult talk from here on out.

Here are our top sex card games:

Sex card games - Truth or Dare for Couples product photo

Truth or Dare for Couples

Every good sexual encounter starts with foreplay. We’d recommend Truth or Dare for Couples when you’re in the early stages of a steamy evening, as this card game is more romantic than it is carnal.

As the name implies, you’re playing a game of truth or dare – asking questions and setting dares is about as complex as things get. Truth or Dare for Couples is pitched as a great after-dinner activity. If you want to move things upstairs, don’t be afraid to throw in some increasingly saucy challenges.

To get you started, check out our 150+ tried and tested spicy Truth or Dare questions.

Sex card games - Talk Flirt Dare product photo

Talk Flirt Dare

A card game that takes the truth or dare concept a little further is Talk Flirt Dare. Claiming to be three games in one, this neat little box has three different decks inside – ‘talk’ for when you want an intimate conversation, and ‘flirt’ or ‘dare’ when you want something a little naughtier.

It’s possibly a little generous to call Talk Flirt Dare three games in one. The sex appeal of the steamier cards can also be a little hit or miss. One card tasks you with calling your partner’s parents to talk about how much you love your SO – We don’t know about you, but we’d consider involving parents more of a mood killer.

Still, if you’re stuck for date night ideas, Talk Flirt Dare could be the spark you need. Some customer reviewers recommend this when doubled up as a drinking card game, and others say you can up the ante with some seductive dare forfeits.

Sex card games - Sexy Time game product photo

Sexy Time game

The Sexy Time game may have a simple name, but it offers plenty of options when it comes to getting up close and personal. Play starts by spinning a wheel whose arrow can land on five different categories – share, show, touch, kiss, and wild card. These correspond to a different card category that will then suggest a sensual activity.

‘Share’ may have you talking dirty or revealing a secret fantasy. ‘Show’ could mean demonstrating where you’re most sensitive or proving your skills in a dominant position. ‘Kiss’ will direct your lips to a particular part of your partner’s body, and ‘Wild Card’ lets you decide what happens next. This is a card game that’s light on setup, but heavy on the heavy breathing. 

Sex card games - Fetish Seductions game product photo

Fetish Seductions game

This is a card game for couples who want something a little less conventional. The Fetish Seductions game comes with everything you need to try out a few different fetish activities. As well as cards with suggestive activities and dice, you’ll also find a blindfold, some rope, a feather, and some candles.

Fetish Seductions certainly won’t be for everyone, but it’s a great way to start exploring your desires. And given you can use plenty of these components outside of the game, it’s pretty good value for money as far as sex card games go.

Sex card games - Strip Bedroom Blackjack product photo

Strip Bedroom Blackjack

If you know the core Blackjack rules, you already know how to play Strip Bedroom Blackjack. That’s the hard work done – now you can focus on getting your kit off.

You’re trying to get as close to 21 without going bust, just like in regular blackjack – but there are cards with sexy commands snuck into your regular deck of cards. The cards are designed to stimulate you and your partner and position you for maximum seduction – all while your clothes gradually peel away.