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Exclusive: Star Wars Unlimited card reveals for Aggression aspect

Check out these exclusive Star Wars Unlimited card reveals for Aggression - the cards you should play if you just care about doing damage as fast as possible.

Star Wars Unlimited Kylo Ren losing it

Over the last few months, Fantasy Flight has shown off Star Wars Unlimited cards for four of the TCG’s six aspects: Heroism, Villainy, Vigilance, and Command, breaking down their key strategies. Now we’ve got the low down – and a few exclusive new card reveals – for the fifth Star Wars Unlimited color, Aggression.

In Star Wars Unlimited, Aggression cards are about dealing damage above all else. That’s expressed in multiple ways. The simplest example is the card Open Fire, which just deals four straight damage to a unit; that’s a pretty pure and simple expression of what Aggression wants to achieve.

Star Wars Unlimited card Open Fire

But while Aggression cards all want to deal damage, the TCG has loads of different ways to achieve that goal. Some Aggression cards, like Fighters for Freedom, are evasive, slipping past Sentinels and ignoring Shields. This card, which we’re revealing for the first time here on Wargamer, can also ping your opponent for damage whenever you play more Aggression cards, encouraging you to lean into a hot-headed red strategy.

Star Wars Unlimited cards Fighters for Freedom.

Another new card, Wampa, is a pretty straightforward stompy creature, but it comes with the overwhelm ability, able to hit the opponent’s base whenever it deals excess damage to a unit (Magic: The Gathering players may recognise this as Trample.)

Star Wars Unlimited cards Wampa

According to a new article from Fantasy Flight, Aggression cards are also about recklessness, and victory at any cost. “This means that certain cards may have you dealing some damage to your own units or bases as an added cost of an effect.” A good example is Grand Inquisitor, who can deal a little damage to a friendly unit to immediately ready it.

Each Star Wars Unlimited aspect also has a namesake card, which offers you multiple options when you play them. The Aggression card ‘Aggression’ seems particularly powerful. This flexible event card lets you do two of the following: drawing a card, defeating up to two upgrades, reading a unit with 3 power or less, dealing 4 damage to a unit.

Star Wars Unlimited cards aggression

Aggression has two Aggression aspect icons, which means you’ll probably need your leader and base to both be Aggression-oriented to avoid paying extra to play it.

Fantasy Flight will be sharing details on the final Star Wars Unlimited aspect, Cunning, in one month’s time.

In case you missed it, we recently got to show off the Star Wars Unlimited card for the iconic Millennium Falcon. We also talked to the card game’s lead developer about what the Unlimited part of Star Wars Unlimited really means, and where the game can pull material from.

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