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Become a Mandalorian in the new X-Wing organised play kit

The X-Wing Children of Mandalore organised play kit will see Mandalorian pilots battling over Beskar at their local game stores this May

Star Wars X-Wing organised play kit Children of Mandalore will task you with defending the honour of Mandalore - photo of the Razor Crest model by Atomic Mass Games, copyright and trademark Lucasfilm

The next Star Wars X-wing organised play kit, Children of Mandalore, will see players battle it out as noble Mandalorians, according to a blogpost by publisher Atomic Mass Games on Tuesday. The kit will let local game stores run one-day casual events with players fielding unique ‘Child of Mandalore’ pilots, and will be available to retailers this May.


The first of two unique scenarios sees players battle to retrieve a cargo of Beskar, the ritually-significant metal that fans of The Mandalorian TV series will know is central to Mandalore culture. The second scenario sees one force defending a fleet of cargo shuttles as they take off from a munitions depot.

Star Wars X-Wing Children of Mandalore organised play kit shuttle card by Atomic Mass Games

Atomic Mass Games adds that players will upgrade one non-limited ship to a Child of Mandalore, gaining “the Mandalorian keyword, a missile upgrade slot, and an additional 10 Loadout Value”, plus a new Mandalorian “Tradition of Peace” or “Tradition of War”. These unique cards grant the ship a limited pool of tokens to spend on defence or offence, hopefully tipping the balance at a vital moment of the battle.

Star Wars X-Wing Children of Mandalore organised play kit Mandalorian Tradition of War and Tradition of Peace cards, by Atomic Mass Games

Players will receive all the cards and tokens they need so they can run these scenarios at home after the event, plus “a full-art promo Clan Training upgrade card featuring Sabine Wren with the Darksaber”, according to the blogpost.

Star Wars X-Wing Children of Mandalore organised play kit, full-art Mandalorian Clan Training card with Dark Saber, by Atomic Mass Games

While many Star Was fans will be focused on Atomic Mass Games’ next big release, Star Wars: Shatterpoint, Star Wars X-Wing has a well-deserved place on our list of the best Star Wars board games, and is still one of the best gateway wargames.