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Multiple expansions announced for Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

New miniature expansion packs for Star Wars: X-Wing, Armada and Legion were announced in a Twitch live stream on Wednesday

Frigate from Star Wars Armada announcement

Star Wars miniatures design studio Atomic Mass Games announced release details of upcoming Star Wars: X-wing, Star Wars: Armada, and Star Wars: Legion expansion packs today over a Twitch live stream, and hinted at the future direction of all three games.  The studio announced that three new squadron packs for Star Wars: X-wing will release on March 26, two new vehicles will be coming to Star Wars: Legion on May 20, and the four new ships previously announced for Star Wars: Armada will release on April 16. Prices are yet to be confirmed.

A new Star Wars: X-wing squadron pack will be released for each of the game’s Rebel, Imperial, and Scum & Villainy factions. The Rebel Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack includes a B-wing and two A-wing ships, and comes with pilot Hera Syndulla, who buffs the attacks of allied ships.

The Imperial Skystrike Academy Squadron Pack includes three TIE ships and pilot Gideon Hask – who appeared in the Battlefront videogame reboots by DICE and Criterion. The Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack for the Scum and Villainy faction will feature two Y-wing ships and a vessel for Jedi knight Kanan Jarrus, best known from the cult classic Star Wars Rebels animated TV series.

Two upcoming vehicle releases were also announced for tabletop wargame Star Wars: Legion, including the Rebel A-A5 Speeder Truck. The armoured transport features two weapon options, a modular hull, and opening doors. The LAAT/le Patrol Transport ship was also announced, sporting two pilot options and modular openings. It can be fielded by the Empire or Galactic Republic forces.An A-wing from Star Wars Armada

Miniatures for four previously announced Star Wars: Armada vessels – the Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer and Pelta-class Frigate, and the Separatist Providence-class Dreadnought and Recusant-class destroyer – were also shown, although no new details of the ships operation on the field were revealed.

Alongside the miniature reveals, Atomic Mass Games hinted at their larger future plans for the games.

During the live stream, Head of Studio Simone Elliot confirmed the studio have no current plans to introduce a third edition for Star Wars: X-wing, although they are looking to implement new features in the future, and hinted that a co-op mechanic may be introduced down the line.

Rebels from Star Wars legion expansion announcement

Head of Product Development at Atomic Mass games, Will Shick, confirmed X-wing and Armada miniatures will continue to be released pre-painted, quelling the fears of some fans that the studio would adopt a new approach after taking over development of Star Wars miniatures games from Fantasy Flight Games last year.

The studio also announced plans to open an online rules forum for the miniatures games, starting with Legion and opening for X-wing and Armada in the coming months. Like the forums of their other brands, it will act as a repository for questions concerning gameplay rules.

A pelta-class frigate from star wars armada

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