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Starfinder gets Pathfinder-compatible second edition

The public playtest for Starfinder 2e will open in Summer 2024, and will be “completely cross-compatible” with Pathfinder second edition.

Starfinder 2e playtest logo - scifi adventurers grapple with a space squid, with the Starfinder logo projected in front

Pathfinder publisher Paizo Inc announced that Starfinder 2e is on the way, with a public playtest of the sci-fi tabletop RPG opening in Summer 2024. As part of the company’s keynote presentation at GenCon 2023, the firm stated that the new edition will be “fully compatible with Pathfinder 2nd Edition and the Remaster Project”.

In a roundtable discussion, Paizo’s Starfinder team said that Starfinder 2e will use the same three-action economy found in Pathfinder 2e, allowing for cross-system porting of Pathfinder classes, Pathfinder races and ancestries, monsters, and more.

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Pathfinder 2e release date

A softcover Starfinder 2e Playtest Rulebook will be available in Summer 2024. Paizo has yet to announce the final Starfinder 2e release date for the finished version of the game.

A press release from Paizo states that because the game is so closely connected to Pathfinder 2e, the “base system rules will not be a part of the playtest. Rather, the playtest will focus on the core elements of gameplay, including new classes, a scaling equipment system, new skills, and more.”

Pathfinder 2e classes

Paizo has announced the following Pathfinder 2e classes will feature in the Playtest – more may follow:

  • Mystic
  • Soldier
  • Envoy
  • Solarion

The first “Field Test” for Pathfinder 2e will focus on levels 1-5 of the Soldier, along with new equipment, and new creatures (the Computer Glitch Gremlin and Laser Wolf). You can join in with the Field Test via the Starfinder Playtest website.

Pathfinder 2e core ancestries

Paizo has announced the following Pathfinder 2e core ancestries:

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The feline Pahtra are already part of Starfinder, but they’re not a core species, appearing in the expansion Near Space. It seems that in 2e they’re making the jump to the core rulebook.

Pathfinder 2e will be published under Paizo’s recently finalised ORC license, its alternative to Wizards of the Coast’s Open Gaming License.

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In May Paizo announced it was releasing updated Pathfinder core rulebooks, the first due to drop this November, implementing the ORC license as well as tweaking elements of the game. Starfinder Enhanced, a bundle of extra options the current edition of the game, was announced in February but won’t release until October 18 – there are more details in the video above.