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DnD rival will buy Kickstarter backers’ adventure ideas

5e-compatible DnD rival Tales of the Valiant wants adventure ideas from Kickstarter backers, and is offering paid commission to the best submissions.

Tales of the Valiant DnD rival gamemasters guide

Kobold Press has put out an ‘Adventure Open Call’ for Kickstarter backers of the Tales of the Valiant Game Master’s Guide. The idea is that anyone who backed the DnD rival’s upcoming book can submit an adventure idea, and KP will commission the authors of the best three.

They’ll be asked to create full versions of these adventures, which will then be published in late 2024. “Designers will be fully paid and credited,” promises the Kickstarter page.

Kobold Press is looking to release its Game Master’s Guide in September 2024. Effectively the new tabletop RPG’s version of DnD’s Dungeon Master’s guide, the GMG expands on Tales of the Valiant’s Alpha rules with systems for balancing encounters, crafting magic items, and researching new spells.

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Right now the Game Master’s Guide has raised $387,000 on Kickstarter, and the crowdfunder still has one week left. Stretch goals which have already been hit include a set of dice and UV light dice trays, and an adventure, titled Secrets of the Silver Rune.

In case you need a recap, Tales of the Valiant is the RPG that 5e third-party publisher Kobold Press announced during the DnD OGL crisis of last year. Originally known as Project Black Flag, this 5e compatible game was described by its designers as ‘5e with teeth’. The Tales of the Valiant website champions the game’s openness. It’s intended as a full set of 5e-derived rules “available under an open, perpetual, and irrevocable license”.

While the first Tales of the Valiant adventures have been published already, the game’s rules mostly exist in the form of Alpha or playtest documents right now. The RPG’s first books will be the Player’s Guide and Monster Vault (you can probably guess which DnD books these map onto) expected for an April 2024 release.

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