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This Total War Warhammer 3 chaos lord is double the trouble

Creative Assembly has revealed Vilitch the Curseling, the third legendary lord in the upcoming Total War Warhammer 3 Champions of Chaos DLC.

total war warhammer 3: An armoured demon warrior, with a small eyeless demon creature fused to its shoulder.

Champions of Chaos, the upcoming DLC for Total War: Warhammer 3 is releasing August 23, bringing a new Legendary Lord for each of the fearsome chaos gods. We’ve already seen two of these mighty chaos champions: Festus the Leechlord has Nurgle’s back, while the pink demon Azazel leads forces for Slaanesh. Now Creative Assembly has revealed Tzeentch’s new top demon, Vilitch the Curseling.

Perhaps we should make that top demons. Vilitch the Curseling is one person with two bodies, y’see, fused by the chaotic will of Tzeentch to his twin brother Thomin. Vilitch is good at spells, but he’s frail and weak, and basically grows out of his much larger twin, piloting him around like a fleshy warrior mech. He’s also got no eyes, but that’s okay – his bro has more than enough to go around, five of them to be precise.

A Steam update on Tuesday reveals how Vilitch operates. The lord’s passive ability, The Twisted Twin, sounds particularly potent, rewarding you evenly for playing as a long-range mage or a close-up brawler. As you cast spells or fight in melee, Vilitch will increase his spell mastery, and melee defence and attack stats.

As well as a cinematic trailer on Tuesday, Creative Assembly today shared a mini ‘let’s play’ video, which provides glimpses of Vilitch on the field. The video also gives a closer look at some of the campaign mechanics introduced by the DLC, including the Path to Glory system, where you can grant your Lords boons of chaos, or transform them more permanently with a mark of chaos.

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Here’s some more detail on Vilitch the Curseling, from the Steam update:

Faction effects

  • Vassals gain increased barrier hit points and spread Tzeentch’s corruption
  • Has access to Changing of the Ways
  • Forces receive benefits for having high Winds of Magic
  • Converts a portion of own battle casualties into Souls
  • Has access to the Tzeentch teleport stance

Lords effects

  • Steal +15% of the experience earned by other Lords
  • Passive ability: The Twisted Twin
  • Teleport stance usage cost: -25% Winds of Magic (Lord’s Army)

The Champions of Chaos DLC releases August 23, 2022, alongside the map-expanding Immortal Empires update which will provide the whole of the Old World to play about in. It’ll include four new legendary lords, or which we just have the new Khorne demon left to see.