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Total Warhammer offers free vampire DLC alongside Chaos Dwarfs

Ulrika Magdova is a Kislev Vampire legendary hero that's coming as free DLC for Total Warhammer 3, dropping alongside the Chaos Dwarfs faction

Total War Warhammer 3 Vampire Hero riding a red-eyed Warhorse

The long-awaited Chaos Dwarfs faction was recently revealed as an upcoming Total War Warhammer 3 DLC, but that’s not the only piece of new content coming out for the game in April. Alongside the new faction, a vampire legendary hero, Ulrika Magdova will be bundled in the next update, whether you purchase the new DLC or not.

Creative Assembly is slowly revealing new legendary lords and mechanics for the Chaos Dwarfs DLC, but in its latest devblog, it also showed off Ulrika Magdova. This legendary hero is available to recruit for the Kislev and Empire factions, but is actually a vampire, and according to CA, gets “the best traits from Kislev and the Vampire Counts”.

Described as the “ultimate hybrid combatant”, Magdova is armed with spells, sword, and bow. Her unique abilities include The Dancing Blade and Blood Shard, which could be combat buffs or ranged attacks. She also gets skills like Dragonslayer, and Blight of the Skaven, which sound like they’ll make her better at combating particular foes.

Ulrika has appeared in Warhammer Fantasy lore before, notably starring in her own, Ulrika the Vampire book series. She’s a Kislevite forcibly converted into a vampire against her will, which explains why she’s fighting for the humans, available for the Empire and Kislev factions, but not for the Vampire Counts.

Ulrika Magdova drops on April 13, alongside the Chaos Dwarfs DLC. You’ll need to complete her personal quest chain to unlock her in the game. You’ll need a CA account to pick her up.

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