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Total Warhammer 3 Chaos Dwarfs bring monsters and sneaky politics

The Chaos Dwarfs DLC is confirmed - Total War Warhammer 3 is bringing this faction to the game in April, with new mechanics, monsters, and lords

Total War Warhammer 3 Chaos Dwarf Lamma monster

The Chaos Dwarfs are on the march, finally coming to Total War Warhammer 3 on April 13, and available to preorder now.

That’s right, Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs is the next Total War Warhammer 3 DLC, announced in an adrenaline-pumping new trailer, during Creative Assembly’s Steam sale. Last month the team promised big DLC plans for the year, and now we’ve seen the first piece of new content that’s on the way.

In a blogpost, CA acknowledges this is one piece of DLC that has been a hell of a long time coming, writing that “At long last the missing puzzle piece of the Warhammer 3 experience you’ve all been waiting for is on the way.”

Check out the trailer below to see all the magma cannons, bull centaurs, hobgoblins and more in action. I particularly enjoyed the tortured robotic version of the Jurassic Park T-rex roar by the K’daii Destroyer at the end there, which seems likely to be the faction’s biggest beast. The poor thing never got a model in Warhammer Fantasy, so it’s great to see it rendered larger than life here.

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Releasing on April 13, a little earlier than we’d feared, Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will come complete with three chaos dwarf legendary lords, and a hobgoblin legendary hero, Gorduz Backstabber.

Of the lords, only details on Astragoth Ironhand have been revealed so far. This sorcerer uses a robot Mech chair for transportation, having lost the ability to walk due to “prolonged petrification”. He specialises in the faction’s new Tower of Zharr mechanic, which appears to be a more complex diplomacy system, encouraging Chaos Dwarf factions to work together in ‘districts’, or try political backstabbing. CA claims it provides multiple paths and is “one of the most in-depth, unique and versatile campaign mechanics in Total War: Wahammer to date.”

The other key mechanic shown off in the CA blogpost is a Labour mechanic, through which players can manage a workforce to extract raw materials to build “hellish buildings” and “nightmarish weapons”. There’s also a Convoy mechanic, but that’s not been revealed yet. Presumably it’s something to do with trade?

CA promises more details soon, so we can expect a breakdown of the other two Legendary Lords in the DLC and a further exploration of the faction’s mechanics in the coming weeks.

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