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3D print your own Vault-Tec Vault with a Fallout Humble Bundle

The ‘Fallout RPG and 3D miniatures Humble Bundle’ is packed with Fallout scenery - build your own unethical social experiment at home!

An Ender 3D printer apparently producing the entrance to a Fallout Vault and 3 bobble-head style Vault dwellers - photo montage from product photography and the Fallout Shelter videogame

You can get all the STL files you need to 3D print your own custom Vault-Tec Vault for just $18 in the current ‘Fallout RPG and 3D miniatures Humble Bundle’. The bundle also includes everything you need to play the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare wargame and RPG, and plenty more pieces of iconic Fallout scenery besides.

At its core, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is a very detailed miniature wargame with lots of narrative elements, which sits right on the line with RPGs. One of the supplements included in the bundle pushes it over into full-blown tabletop RPG territory, for those who want to get fully immersed in the Fallout universe.

Vault Tec Vault 3D printer files from Modiphius

The STLs in the bundle are part of the official Fallout miniature range by Modiphius. As well as the Vault, it includes iconic scenery that would work great for the Fallout miniature game and as Warhammer terrain: a Vertibird, a pre-war APC, the Red Rocket gas station from Fallout 4 in both intact and ruined forms, and modular pieces to build your own Sanctuary Hills shacks.

The bundle is available until 11am PT / 2pm EST / 7pm BST on April 11. Here’s what comes in the bundle, and the minimum pledge level needed to unlock each item:

Item Type Pledge
Ruined Red Rocket gas station STL $1 (£0.82)
Fallout: Wasteland Warfare rules Wargame rules $1 (£0.82)
Preserved Red Rocket gas station STL $10 (£8.24)
Sanctuary Hills houses STL $10 (£8.24)
RPG expansion book RPG rules $10 (£8.24)
The Unexpected Shepherd, Machine Frequency RPG adventures $10 (£8.24)
Five packs of Vault components STL $18 (£14.84)
Vertibird STL $18 (£14.84)
Pre-war APC STL $18 (£14.84)
Vault-Tec girl STL $18 (£14.84)
Wasteland Warfare campaign handbook Wargame expansion $18 (£14.84)
Wasteland Warfare card deck A1 Wargame unit stats $18 (£14.84)
Caught in the Crossfire campaign Wargame expansion $18 (£14.84)

We’re a little Fallout fixated in the Wargamer office at the moment. The Amazon Fallout TV show is so good, it has even rekindled our enthusiasm for the far-off Warhammer 40k movies or shows Amazon plans to make.

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We’re also in the process of testing the upcoming Fallout: Factions wargame, and while building a full Vault is probably a bit ambitious, we’re sorely tempted – the game only uses a 3’ x 2’ board. You can check out our Fallout Factions preview to learn more about that game.

If you fancy printing your own Vault but don’t have the kit at home, we can recommend some great 3D printers – check out our guide on how to 3D print miniatures at home.