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New Victoria 3 DLC broadens Brazil’s horizons

Grand strategy game Victoria 3 gets new DLC in the form of Victoria 3: Colossus of the South, a region pack dedicated to South America.

Brand-new Victoria 3 DLC is coming on November 14, expanding the region of South America in the grand strategy game. ‘Victoria 3: Colossus of the South’ shines the spotlight on postcolonial Brazil, focusing on the region’s changing political and economic landscape. Publisher Paradox interactive says to expect new events, decisions, and flavor for the region.

The announcement came on October 25, along with a trailer for the region pack. Watch below:

YouTube Thumbnail

“The young nations of South America, freed from the domination of European royalty, face a number of challenges”, Paradox writes in a press release from Wednesday. “Continental wars of independence have proven fertile ground for military rule. Rapidly growing populations strain agrarian economies. The reforming Emperor of Brazil has a plan of modernization and liberalization that threatens established powers in his own capital.”

Paradox says new content relates to several notable historical moments for the region. This includes the reign of Emperor Pedro II, the emergence of the populist movement, and political changes in Brazil’s neighboring countries. Players will meet coup leaders and dictators, and they’ll further explore the development of South American culture in the Victorian era.

Victoria 3: Colossus of the South will be free for owners of Victoria 3: Grand Edition, as well as subscribers to the Victoria 3 Expansion Pass. For everyone else, the DLC will cost $5.99 (£4.99).

The last major DLC for Victoria 3 was May’s ‘Voice of the People’, but Paradox has released a handful of expansion packs since then. The most recent were the art-focused ‘Dawn of Wonder’ and the ‘French Agitator’s Bonus Pack’, released in August and May respectively.

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