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Roll, sail, or fly into War Thunder with a free premium vehicle

War Thunder's multiplayer action wargame of air, land, and sea vehicular combat is bigger than ever - start playing for free and get a powerful vehicle

War Thunder new player offer 2022 - screenshot showing a warship and biplane

War Thunder, Gaijin Entertainment’s free war game of air, land, and sea vehicle combat, has been around for nearly a decade – but it’s still going strong, thanks to slick competitive gameplay, surprisingly good graphics, and vast numbers of unlockable death machines. You absolutely should give it a try in 2022 – especially as, if you sign up with this link, you’ll start with a bundle of extra goodies.

Making your account is totally free anyway – and, if you use our special offer, you’ll enter the game with useful added benefits: namely, three days of premium membership, and one premium tank, aircraft, or ship of your choice. You’ll be able to pick your snazzy (usually paid-for) vehicle as soon as you enter the menus, and roll / sail / fly it out in matches right away.

As for the premium membership – this doubles your experience point gains from online matches, which will help you to rank up much more quickly in those troublesome first few levels, unlocking more war machines to try out. While a premium member, you’ll also earn Silver Lions from each match – a premium currency you can use to buy more vehicles, equipment, and resupplies.

Pro tip: when you pick your free premium vehicle, this’ll be linked to your account’s location – so there’s nothing to stop you selecting an alternate language, starting again with the offer, and picking out a new premium vehicle linked to another region.

get your free stuff

So, what are you waiting for? One more time: Follow this link to create a free account, grab your three days’ premium membership and a free Tier 1 premium vehicle, then get in the fight.

Oh, and if you get a taste for War Thunder – come back and get yourself clued up on the game with our guides to the best War Thunder tanks, War Thunder planes, and War Thunder skins.

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