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December 2022 Humble Bundle bursting with Warhammer 40k RPGs

Get 25 Warhammer 40k: Wrath and Glory RPG rulebooks, adventures and handy accessories for less than $20 in the latest Humble RPG Bundle

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory humble bundle - cover art from the Wrath and Glory RPG by Cubicle 7, depicting a white-armoured space marine, cowled techpriest, hammer-wielding warrior and blue-coated noble forming a defensive circle against an oncoming but unseen enemy

The latest Humble RPG Bundle is filled with rulebooks, adventures, card decks, battlemaps, and even a GM screen, for the Warhammer 40k: Wrath and Glory RPG. The $18 / £14.77 bundle includes the core rulebook and 24 other supplements in digital form, and is available until January 5.

As ever with Humble Bundle, there’s three bundle levels – buying everything from the top bundle separately would cost you $189 / £154. All the bundles come with a voucher for 15% off in the Cubicle 7 games webstore.

The basic  $1 / £0.82 bundle contains The Null Hypothesis adventure, plus a wargear card deck and combat complications card deck.

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory Humble Bundle - cover art from Lord of the Spire by Cubicle 7, a hideously mutated Death Guard space marine points a boltgun directly at us

The $10 / £8.20 bundle adds the three adventures Brass Tax The Graveyard Shift, and Rain of Mercy, two more card decks, battle maps, and a holy relic.

The 25-item bundle will set you back $18 / £14.77, has everything from the previous two levels, and comes with the Wrath & Glory core rulebook. There’s also: Church of Steel, which lets your party commandeer vehicles, Redacted Records, which sends the party out into the void between the stars, eight more adventures, a players guide, DM screen, more card decks, the Departmento Munitorum Shotguns pamphlet, and Gutshiva’s Kommandos, a gang of seven Ork NPCs the party can interact with.

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory humble bundle - artwork by Cubicle 7 from the cover of Church of Steel, showing a speeding armoured personnel character and a ramshackle open-back truck in neck-and-neck pursuit, an armoured space marine leaping over the flames of the turret to assault the alien Orks driving the truck

You have until 11am PST / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT on January 5 to pick up the bundle.

We rate Warhammer: 40k Wrath and Glory as one of the best tabletop RPGs out there at the moment. That’s partly because of the number of ravening Warhammer 40k fans on our team who love stomping around in the shoes of Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Mechanicus, and other agents of the Imperium of Man. It also has one of our favourite tabletop RPG dice systems – a simple d6 dice pool hides the game-changing “Wrath” dice, which will help or hinder you whether or not your overall roll is successful.