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Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius Guide

Is Cato Sicarius a stalwart hero of the Ultramarines, or an ambitious jerk who needs taking down a peg? Make up your own mind once you've read our guide.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius artwork by Games Workshop - a Space Marine in blue power armor wielding a power sword, firing a gun towards the reader

Captain Cato Sicarius has become one of the most divisive figures in the Warhammer 40k fandom. A character that’s loved and hated in equal measure, the Ultramarines Captain has been the focus of memes and vitriol since his introduction to the 40k universe.

Come with us as we meet everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) Space Marine, Cato Sicarius.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius artwork by Games Workshop - a Space Marine in blue power armor wielding a power sword, firing a gun towards the reader

Who is Warhammer 40k’s Cato Sicarius?

Cato Sicarius was born into a noble family on Talassar, one of the 500 worlds of Ultramar. He was trained from childhood in a host of martial arts, excelling in them all. The young Sicarius was inducted into the Ultramarines Space Marines chapter, rising swiftly through the ranks due to his impressive martial ability.

Sicarius’ early career saw him fight as an Assault Marine of the Eighth Company on the front lines of the Damocles Crusade against the T’au Empire. He gained a reputation as a cold, ruthless warrior brimming with ambition who had his eyes firmly set on making his way to the top of the chapter.

Warhamemr 40k's Cato Sicarius, a sever warrior in blue and gold power amor holding a helmet with Centurion's horsehair plume in one hand, looks down at the reader

This ambition led Sicarius to quickly rise to the rank of Sergeant in the Eighth Company. He was then anointed as the Knight Champion of Macragge, before becoming the Captain of the Fifth Company and gaining the honorific role Master of the Marches.

Following the Tyranid invasion of Ultramar, which slew the veteran First Company to a man, Captain Severus Agemman of the Second Company was promoted to the rank of First Captain to begin reconstruction. Sicarius was installed in his place.

As Captain of the Second Company, Cato Sicarius led Ultramarines forces into battle over centuries of intense campaigns, gaining honor after honor. The Imperial Laurel, Honorifica Valorum, and Valor Crest were all bestowed on him for acts of bravery and the Second Company’s many victories. He was given the title of Suzerain of Ultramar, granting him true power over the Ultramarines and the worlds of Ultramar.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius leads the Assault on Black Reach - artwork by Games Workshop of a battle between power-armored Space Marines and greenskinned Orks

Sicarius fought at the forefront of the Assault on Black Reach against the Ork Warboss Zanzag. There the entire Second Company fought as one force against over ten thousand Orks, fighting until they ran out of ammunition, resorting to hand-to-hand combat to destroy the Xenos threat.

Fighting alongside Chapter Master Marneus Calgar, Cato Sicarius was able to lift the siege of Macragge by the Daemon Prince M’kar the Reborn, helping the Chapter Master slay the Daemon and defeat the forces of Chaos.

With triumph after triumph and a wave of plaudits, many began to believe that Cato Sicarius wanted Marneus Calgar’s place as Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. This rumour may cause a pinch of ire for First Captain Agemman, who holds the captaincy that traditionally leads to the Chapter Master#s throne.

Warhammer 40k Cato Sicarius - illustration by Games Workshop, Cato Sicarius stands in power armor opposite an Inquisitor, both flanking a giant aquila eagle statue

When Primarch Roboute Guilliman returned from his millennia-long sleep, Sicarius was one of those who accompanied the Primarch on the long crusade to Terra. While there, Guilliman began to fear for the safety of Ultramar and dispatched the Captain to return to Macragge.

En route to his destination, colossal warp storms accosted Cato’s fleet. Cato’s ship, the Emperor’s Will, was lost in the Warp for five Terran years, repeatedly assailed by Daemons and Chaos Space Marines.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius artwork by Games Workshop - a Space Marine in blue power armor wielding a power sword, plunges it into an alien robot

Eventually the Emperor’s Will emerged, arriving at a planet assailed by Orks and Necrons. Here, Cato Sicarius achieved arguably his greatest victory, slaying a shard of a C’tan Star God.

Upon reuniting with Gulliman, the Primarch took Sicarius under his wing, aiming to make him into more than a warrior. Guilliman placed Sicarius in command of the elite Victrix Guard, with Brother-Captain Acheran becoming Captain of the Second Company.

What is the I, Cato Sicarius Meme About?

The I, Cato Sicarius meme originated from the popular YouTube series ‘If the Emperor had Text-to-Speech Device’, where the character is lampooned as a self-aggrandising hero of the Ultramarines. Always announcing himself as I, Cato Sicarius, the Captain is presented as a pompous buffoon who always takes time to herald his own glory.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius model by Games Workshop - a warrior in blue power armor with huge lightning claws

Captain Cato Sicarius Model

Currently there are no Cato Sicarius models on sale for Warhammer 40k, though two versions of the Captain have been produced in the past. The first, a limited edition model for fourth Edition, dates back to 2006 and depicts the Captain armed with twin lightning claws.

Warhammer 40k Captain Cato Sicarius 5th edition model by Games Workshop - a warrior in ornate Power Armor armed with the Talassarian Tempest Blade

The second model, created for the 5th Edition of Warhammer 40k, displays Cato Sicarius as Captain of the Second Company, armed with the Talassarian Tempest Blade power sword.

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