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Warhammer 40k Christmas begins with Space Marine baubles, goblin socks

Games Workshop is putting a load of Warhammer 40k festive merch up for sale, from baubles to socks, a full three months before Christmas

Warhammer 40k christmas decorations - two space marine baubles

Warhammer 40k Christmas season: it seems to come earlier every year. Though September is not yet through, Games Workshop is already hanging up its stockings, breaking out the mulled wine, and putting a bunch of Christmas-themed Warhammer 40k products up for sale on its online store. From Saturday, October 1, fans will be able to pick up a selection of Warhammer 40k festive items: from decorations for the tree, to advent calendars packed with little plastic figures.

First on the list are a trio of cartoonish Warhammer 40k baubles. One features an Ultramarine, another a Squig, and the final bauble shows Da Red Gobbo, revolutionary grot leader, with a Santa hat.

Last year, this character got their own limited edition Christmas mini, featuring the greenskin rebel in full Santa Claus regalia, complete with reindeer antlers for the squig. It seems he’s become the de facto Warhammer 40k Christmas character, as he also appears on another 2022 Xmas item: socks! A festive staple.

Games Workshop is also bringing back an item from last year: a Space Marines advent calendar it made with BANDAI that features 24 chibi Space Marine models from a rainbow of different chapters. There’s also one unpainted model you can decorate as you please.

As well as the more substantial gifts above, there’s also a range of accessories – from Christmas cards to wrapping paper, featuring characters from Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. All these items are available to pre-order from October 1.