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New Dark Angels Terminators revealed at Warhammer Preview

Games Workshop has revealed new Dark Angels models for the elite Deathwing Knights, and the dreaded Asmodai, Master of Repentance.

Dark Angels Deathwing Terminator, a warrior in heavy bone-white warplate wielding a power sword and storm shield

Games Workshop has revealed new Dark Angels Terminators models via the Warhammer Preview Twitch stream on Saturday. The elite Deathwing Knights are accompanied by a new model for the special character Asmodai, Master of Repentance, a fearsome interrogator Chaplain.

Games Workshop has stated that Asmodai will release along with a new Warhammer 40k Codex  supplement for the Dark Angels in Spring 2024.

The Dark Angels make extensive use of Space Marine Terminators, with their entire first company – the Deathwing – composed of warriors in this hefty warplate. The Deathwing are all members of the Inner Circle, privy to the dread and shameful secrets at the heart of the Dark Angels.

Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators, warriors in heavy bone-white warplate wielding power maces and storm shields, plus details of a sword, stormshield, and a Watcher in the Dark carrying a censor

Deathwing Knights are the elite among the elite, each armed with storm shields and a choice of power swords or power maces. There’s no sign of the new models wielding the Flail of the Unforgiven, a special weapon that combines a threshing tool with a disruption field for the ultimate in indiscriminate melee violence, but there may be more to come.

Games Workshop hints in a Warhammer Community article that “there are yet more secrets to come from the Dark Angels”. Hopefully that includes upgrades to the other Dark Angels terminators models, which include unique armaments for ‘basic’ terminators including a plasma cannon, and a terminator command squad to lead your force.

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Asmodai is the Dark Angel’s Master of Repentance, the head of the chapter’s Reclusiarchy. He’s responsible for the Interrogator Chaplains who relentlessly root out the Fallen – Dark Angels who sided with the Warmaster during the Horus Heresy – and mercilessly force them to repent.

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain Asmodai, Master of Repentance, a hooded figure in power armor wielding a power sword and crozius, surrounded by gouts of incense

Asmodai’s new model replaces a resin Finecast miniature that has been in service for a decade, and also upgrades Asmodai to a Primaris Space Marine – presumably the Codex will give us the lore that explains what he’s been up to that has resulted in him becoming biggerised.

If you want to learn about the dark secrets behind the Dark Angels, you should check out the Horus Heresy books they star in. Dark Angels can also field regular Terminators, already a stunning kit – if you want some advice on making them look tip top for the table, see our guide on how to paint Space Marines.