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Henry Cavill guesses Sherlock Holmes’ Warhammer 40k army

In an interview about new movie Enola Holmes 2, beloved Warhammer nerd Henry Cavill reveals which 40k army he thinks Sherlock Holmes would play

Warhammer 40k Henry Cavill Sherlock Holmes army - Nerdist video screenshot showing Henry Cavill in a white shirt

Warhammer 40k mega-fan and star of upcoming movie Enola Holmes 2 Henry Cavill says he thinks if Sherlock Holmes played 40k, he’d play Adeptus Custodes (Cavill’s own tabletop 40k faction of choice).

Asked his opinion on the Great Detective’s wargaming preferences in a video interview with Nerdist published on Wednesday, self-professed fan of Warhammer 40k Henry Cavill said had to ponder which Warhammer 40k faction was “the most complex one”, before settling on Adeptus Custodes.

“I’m just gonna have to go with the cheap answer and say Custodes, because it’s a low body count that really requires some finesse; you’ve got to use each piece properly and carefully,” he told Nerdist.

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Cavill himself keenly collects and plays the Adeptus Custodes army, an elite force of gold-armoured upgraded Space Marines that serves the Imperium of Man primarily as the Emperor of Mankind‘s personal bodyguards.

So famous is his fandom for the Imperium’s golden boys that one Warhammer 40k fan once created a full-size Henry Cavill action figure portraying him as a Custodian warrior.

And of course, Cavill also starred (though not really) in the infamous made-up Warhammer 40k game from Wargamer’s 2022 April Fool’s Day article – Warhammer 40k Nihilus. We (still) aren’t sorry about that one.