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Fan creates funky, Warhammer 40k Scooby Doo conversions

Funky fan conversions send Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang on their most dangerous adventure yet - into the grim, dark Warhammer 40k universe

Warhammer 40k Scooby Doo gang - miniature conversions by Cornishmikey, the five membrers of the Scooby Doo gang converted to Warhammer 40k

Zoinks! This fully converted, Warhammer 40k-style Scooby Doo gang is the work of commission painter Michael Rothery. Rothery has been painting miniatures inspired by film and television for years, and was inspired to send the Scooby Doo gang into the grim darkness of the far future using a combination of Warhammer 40k and Hasselfree Miniatures kits, with a few 3D printed parts.

Rothery used Games Workshop figures for the bodies of most of the models, saying, “Fred is a Primaris Space Marine, Daphne is a Sisters of Batte Repentia Superior, Velma is an Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest Enginseer, and Shaggy a basic Imperial Guardsman”. Meanwhile, Scooby is based on a model from Hasselfree Miniatures. Rothery took the heads from 3D printed models he found on Etsy, and says: “They popped up as a recommended item, and well, I had a proper geekgasm and ordered them straight away!”

Warhammer 40k Scooby Doo conversions by CornishMikey - Daphne as a Sister of Battle, Fred as a Space Marine, Velma as an Adeptus Mechanicus techpriest

The conversions were pretty simple, according to Rothery: “I snipped the heads off the minis and added them to the 40k ones”, before using “a bit of greenstuff here and there to hide the join”. Painting took a little longer: Rothery says it was “probably a day for all of them”.

Rothery has painted models on commission since 2007, under the name Cornishmikey Painting. He says that “film and TV minis go down a treat” at wargames shows, and he’s had plenty of success selling painted versions of Hasselfree Miniatures’ ‘Teenage Mystery Gang’. The decision to convert them for 40k came after he saw a piece of Scooby Doo / 40k crossover fanart: “I saw the gang in a picture, and thought ‘Oo, I’ll have a bit of that!’”

Warhammer 40k Scooby Doo gang conversions by Cornishmikey - Shaggy as an Imperial Guardsman, Scooby Doo with a bionic eye

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