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Warhammer 40K: The Shining Spears are jetbike jousting pros with new Eldar rules

The jetbike-riding, lance-wielding Shining Spears are getting new rules in the upcoming Eldar codex, to go along with their shiny new models

Warhammer 40K Eldar Shining Spears

Games Workshop has revealed fresh rules for The Shining Spears, the nippy, jetbike-riding Aspect Warriors whose new, all-plastic models were unveiled in Warhammer 40K’s Las Vegas Open livestream last month. These rules are yet another sneak peek at the changes Eldar players will get to enjoy with the upcoming Codex: Aeldari (which goes up for pre-order on Saturday). Revealed in a Warhammer Community article on Tuesday, the new abilities turn Shining Spears into champions of the charge.

You’ll want to take the Saim-Hann Craftworld faction, known for its bikery, if your army’s packing squadrons of Shining Spears. That’s because the Saim-Hann’s Wild Host Craftworld Attribute is getting an upgrade. Not only will it allow you to reroll failed charges, but you’ll now also be able to Fall Back and then Charge in.

The Saim-Hann keep their Warriors of the Raging Winds Stratagem too, so for 1CP you can Advance and then Charge. With the Spears’ guaranteed 22” on an Advance (6 more than their 16” move), that means they’ll be able to rush into battle to skewer an Ork’s head at a minimum range of 24″, while their maximum Charge becomes 34“. We only hope your battlefield is big enough.

As outlined in the Warhammer Community article, the changes to the Shining Spears’ Laser Lances are less impactful – they keep essentially the same stats, but rather than boosting their wielder’s Strength to six when charging, they instead add three to it. More excitingly, the Shining Spears units will benefit from the Eldar’s upgraded Shuriken Cannons, packing increased AP and Damage.

There’s also a new relic jetbike, the Sunstorm. Usable by an Autarch or Farseer Skyrunner, it’ll grant the unit Objective Secured and a Move characteristic of 20”.