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Warhammer 40k: Eldar get new Shining Spears and Maugan Ra

In its Las Vegas Open Warhammer Preview livestream, GW has revealed two more new Aeldari plastic kits - the Shining Spears and Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra

Kicking off its much-feted Las Vegas Open Warhammer Preview livestream, Games Workshop has revealed two more new, plastic Craftworlds Eldar kits for Warhammer 40k: the Shining Spears jetbike-riding Aspect Warriors, and gothy gunman, Phoenix Lord, Maugan Ra – you can ogle both beauties in the video below.

The updated, all-plastic Shining Spears – which replace an infamously inopportune mixture of resin and plastic parts – feature 40k’s snazzy, newer visual aesthetic for Eldar jetbikes seen in the upcoming new Shroud Runners – with extra fins, body details, weapon fittings – as well as custom lance holders (for easy charging) and more distinctive Aspect Armour for the Shining Spears’ Aeldari riders.

The new Maugan Ra character miniature mirrors its smaller, Finecast resin predecessor in its general pose – and the positioning of his massive, scythe-tipped Shuriken Cannon ‘Maugetar’ – but is very clearly constructed on a more ‘modern 40k’ scale, complete with wide, billowing cloak; a far more expansive rack of skeletal armour decorations; and a scenic base of Aeldari ruins to stand on.

We also saw a family photo of ‘all’ the new Aeldari models, finally giving us a spot more perspective on size comparisons for these refreshed, plastic sculpts – most prominently the new Avatar of Khaine.

Warhammer 40k Shining Spears and Maugan Ra revealed - Warhammer Community photo showing the full range of new Eldar models

He is big – the Avatar looks to be around four times the height of the Eldar Guardians flanking him – supporting his battlefield role: seeking out and duelling the largest characters and war machines in the enemy army.

YouTube Thumbnail

However, in classic Warhammer Community style, presenters Eddie Eccles and Wade Pryce coyly suggested the string of brand new Craftworlds Aeldari releases may not be over yet – at the very least lending weight to the expectation a Craftworlds codex coming soon.

There are more reveals coming from this Las Vegas Open stream, so keep your eyes peeled for further coverage right here.