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Cosplayer transforms mum into Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle

MissLilithCosplay created an incredible suit of Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle power armour for her mum, a budding fan of the sci-fi franchise

Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle Cosplay mum - Julie Simon dressed in black armour with fleur-de-lys ornaments, photograph by MissLilithCosplay

Who says smiting the heretic is a young woman’s game? Cosplayer MissLilithCosplay created this awesome suit of Warhammer 40k Sisters of Battle power armour for her mum, Julie Simon, to wear at MCM Expo London in October. She shared the photos of her mother (who goes by simply.simon.cosplay on Instagram) to the r/Warhammer40k Reddit board on December 21, and says she built the suit custom-made for her.

MissLilithCosplay introduced her mum to Warhammer 40k with “cosplay and then books/audiobooks and podcasts”. She didn’t strive to make a perfect reproduction of a Sisters of Battle power armour suit, saying on Reddit: “I made it from some random images I found on google, but my mum loves it and wore it all three days to MCM London this past October”.

Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle cosplay mum Jackie Simon in black power armour with fleur-de-lys ornaments, photograph taken by her daughter MissLilithCosplay

MissLilithCosplay is no stranger to Warhammer 40k – she’s created personal costumes for an Adeptus Mechanicus tech priest and Miriel Sabathiel, the only Sister of Battle known to have fallen to the Warhammer 40k Chaos God Slaanesh. She says her 91-year-old grandmother also cosplays, “So far only steampunk, but we’re working on getting her into 40k”.

If you found this article because you’re a cosplayer, or you’re a nerdy mum, you might be wondering “what is Warhammer 40k?” The short answer is that it’s a sci-fi setting, a crafty hobby, and one of the best miniature wargames of all time.

Cosplayers like MissLilithCosplay demonstrate the extreme devotion some fans have for their favourite Warhammer 40k factions – if you enjoy craft but cosplay looks like too much work, you might find painting miniatures a rewarding hobby. There are also hundreds of Warhammer 40k books, including crime and horror novels – not to mention, the prospect of several Warhammer 40k Henry Cavill movie and TV projects soon to come!