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Warhammer 40k fan converts epic Logan Grimnar action figure

Converted from a McFarlane Toys Warhammer 40k Space Marine action figure, this is the biggest Logan Grimnar conversion we've ever seen

Warhammer 40k Space Marine action figure converted into Logan Grimnar by Christopher Coffey - a huge, wild-haired, snarling man in imposing armour, wielding a massive axe, a fur cloak around his shoulders

This amazing model of Warhammer 40k Space Marine chapter master Logan Grimnar started life as a McFarlane toys action figure. Creator Christopher Coffey shared photographs of the finished conversion on reddit on Wednesday, after “around six months” carefully converting it from a Primaris Space Marine Hellblaster figure.

Answering questions on Reddit, Coffey says they “can’t really break [the conversion] down into a ‘how to'”, as “it would run 100s of pages long”. But they do explain several steps they took.

Grimnar’s head comes from a Marvel Sabretooth action figure. Coffey says they “removed [the] hair with [a] knife”, then “added green stuff putty details”. They add that “the hair is brushed acrylic wool attached with flexible quick grab fabric glue”. This was apparently the trickiest part of the build, which required “lots of practice, trial and error”.

Coffey used “fake fur sheet with EVA foam backing for the cloak”, which they say is supported by a “thin copper wire frame”.

Logan Grimnar is the chapter master of the Space Wolves, a first founding Space Marine chapter and the descendents of the wolf king Leman Russ. He’s also sometimes known as “angry Santa”, as his Warhammer 40k figure rides around in a hovering war sled pulled by wolves.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine action figure by McFarlane Toys - a Blood Angels Space Marine in red power armour with a black aquila plastron design and blue helmet

McFarlane makes action figures from several Warhammer 40k factions, including Chaos Space Marines, Orks, Tyranids, and even tie-in figures for Darktide. Its unpainted ‘Artists Proof’ figures are popular among hobbyists who fancy painting miniatures on a much bigger scale, or want to attempt a conversion like Coffey’s Grimnar.

McFarlane isn’t the only company making 40k action figures, either: JoyToy makes premium Warhammer 40k figures, and recently launched a line of action figures based on the wargame Infinity.