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3D print a grimdark donut shop for your Warhammer 40k games

This reinforced, post-apocalyptic donut shop would look right at home as Warhammer 40k terrain, or in games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare.

Warhammer 40k terrain - a heavily reinforced post-apocalyptic donut shop

If you want a little whimsy in your Warhammer 40k terrain setup, check out this 3D-printable post-apocalyptic donut stall from Twisted Pancreas Games, crowdfunding now. The ‘Donut Defence’ Kickstarter project is live until 10.57pm UTC, August 16.

With a chunky style that blends the apocalypse with classic Americana, and components including “a Port-a-potty [and] Arcade Games”, this would make perfect scenery for the Fallout miniature wargame. But there’s something about the idea of the deadly serious Warhammer 40k factions fighting and dying for a donut shop that we can’t get enough of, and it certainly has the OTT engineering we associate with the Warhammer 40k universe.

According to the Kickstarter page, the “main files are already finished and test-printed with common printers” and will be supplied to backers “with or without supports for your convenience”. You will of course need a resin or FDM 3D printer to actually produce these models – or a willing friend who has one.

It costs $24 to back the campaign, and if you back before the end of July you’ll receive both an intact and a battle-damaged version of the buildings.

We have a handy guide about how to 3D print miniatures if you’re intrigued by the tech but aren’t sure you want to invest in a printer. If you like a little comedy in with your grimdark, check out this T’au Empire Kroot Auxiliary army made entirely from waste model sprues.