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Fan turns old sprues into abstract Warhammer 40k Kroot army

Hobbyist Davy McCracken has collected Kroot Mercenaries since Warhammer 40k 3rd edition, but his ‘Sproot’ collection started with one mini on a whim.

Warhammer 40k Kroot models made from plastic sprues - Kroot shaper

Hobbyist Davy McCracken made this incredible Warhammer 40k Kroot army from nothing but old plastic sprues. It took McCracken “about 100 hours” to create the models, which match the poses of the T’au Empire’s Kroot units with remarkable accuracy.

Kroot Mercenaries have been McCracken’s Warhammer 40k faction of choice since their first mini-codex was published in White Dwarf magazine, back during the days of Warhammer 40k 3rd edition.

McCracken says this project was inspired by the Spruecrons, a classic hobby project in which a player built a whole Necron army purely from sprues, and had been meaning to try something similar for a while.

McCracken says “I just had an evening free the other week, and was looking at [my Kroot army] again, and “Sproot” popped into my head. It was amusing enough that I decided to make one model for fun”.

That one model turned into a 500 point army, with proxies of every current Kroot miniature, and even a proxy for the out of production Kroot Great Gnarloc, made with offcuts of Forgeworld resin. You can find more pictures of McCracken’s work on his Instagram.

Warhammer 40k Kroot models made from plastic sprues - a Greater Gnarloc

McCracken hasn’t had a chance to play with the new sprue army yet. He says “I usually just play at home with a friend, but the popularity these have suddenly received makes me want to go out and play with them in the wild”. He’s waiting on Legends rules for the Gnarloc before he can use it in games.

Half the joy of Warhammer 40k is the creative freedom it inspires and the wild projects people come up with. Last year we covered a 40k fan who had made the as-then unreleased Vashtorr the Arkifane from tinfoil; on the far more technical side, hobby YouTuber Groundeffected made a remote control Land Raider with DIY flamethrowers just to recreate a Warhammer 40k meme.