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YouTuber creates RC Warhammer 40k tank with real flamethrowers

YouTuber Groundeffected packed servos, speakers, and miniature flamethrowers into this Warhammer 40k Space Marine Land Raider to recreate a meme

Hobby YouTuber Brent Goudie converted a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Land Raider tank kit into a fire-spitting, saxophone-playing remote controlled vehicle. Goudie used the RC tank to recreate a Warhammer 40k meme, a CGI animation of an Ultramarine playing sax on top of a Land Raider, for his channel Groundeffected.

Goudie spent three months creating the flame throwing Space Marine model. He goes over the main steps of the build in a video uploaded to YouTube on May 4.

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The core of the RC model is a regular Land Raider Redeemer kit. Goudie has hacked out plenty of plastic from the innards, creating room for servo motors that do things like open and shut the assault ramp, rotate the twin assault cannons, and move the tracks, which were custom made on a 3D printer. The tank contains a speaker, lights, and a microprocessor board to allow remote control.

The fire-spitting flamethrowers on the tank’s sponsons are scratch built from brass piping. Goudie describes them as “glorified lighters” but cautions that you really, really shouldn’t copy him: “You probably shouldn’t be attaching flamethrowers to your plastic toys”. He demonstrates their battlefield effectiveness in the video by melting a Necron warrior.

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Goudie has painted the mini up in Ultramarines blue and topped it with a customised Space Marine wielding a saxophone. With RC fire tank and a custom backdrop, Goudie could film a physical version of the Warhammer 40k meme animation “Strolling Through Ultramar”. The original meme vid has been seen by four million people since it was uploaded to YouTube by Leeroy Plambeck in 2018.

Wargamer has covered Goudie’s projects before: this article about his first remote-controlled Warhammer 40k tank goes into more depth on his process. Space Marines aren’t the only Warhammer 40k faction we’ve seen wired up, either: here’s another creator who wired up his Leagues of Votann for remote control.